January 12, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Cubbies

 I have finally finished it (almost)!!
Finished what?? you ask??

I found this beauty in a garage at an estate sale, piled with treasures and some critter droppings..ewww
No tag (apparently some people don't do critter droppings)
I asked the man in charge if it was for sale and he told me to make him an offer.
 Ugghhh...I don't like doing that in fear of insulting anyone..
but before I could answer he said $20..I told him $15 and it was a deal (so much for insulting)
He agreed and we loaded it up!!
$15 dollars ya'll!!!!

I had big plans for this purdy thing...

It has taken several months but I have almost finished it! 
I say almost because I am waiting on the label holders to get here and then it will be DONE!
I couldn't wait so I thought I would go ahead and show you...eek!

My inspiration..PB Catalog

My finished cubbies...

I will admit I find myself staring at them often..
I should get the label holders next week and I will show you some afters with the finished look.
What do you think? Is it a good copycat?

Thanks for checking it out!
Your such a patient audience..haha
Have a warm Friday my friends!

New with the labels attached...Does it look more like the Pottery Barn Cubbies?

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  1. Way better than Pottery Barn:) Great job!!
    Have a great day~


  2. LOVE it!!!


  3. i love this in the kitchen..what a brilliant idea. i have one like this in our living room from ikea..i like your price a whole lot better :)

  4. WOW!!!! that is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. My "Sweet Daughter" where did you get this talent. I want one.

  5. Cute, cute! PB is so inspirational! Love the bargain find!!

  6. Wow what a great find. I'd love to have something like this. It has been on my wish list for quite a while.

  7. You are a thrifter after my own heart!
    A wonderful job and good for you - let the seller make the first the first price, then as long as no one is around, hem and haw a few seconds before jumping at it. They may drop the price even further. Also you don't want to make them feel bad about offering it up too cheap. You created a win-win sale.

  8. Oh, how I've been searching for something like this!!! I frequent garage sales and thrift stores, but no luck yet. Your is beautiful!

    I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and link up this project. I host a Home and Family Friday linky party each Friday. I hope you'll come link up to the party! becca-homeiswheremystorybegins.blogspot.com


  9. Oh how I love it! It looks amazing in your room and I love every single items you've placed on it. What a find!

  10. Love it!! You've got it decorated beautifully!

  11. I LOVE them!! They look great!!! I agree, they are even better than PB :) MUAH!

  12. What a great find! It looks great wonderful job.

  13. So pretty! Just the kind of warm and inviting look that I love, too! By the way, how often do you dust everything on it? I'm not a great fan of housework (I do it, just don't like it).

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower. I love all of your ideas. Those blue BALL jars are wonderful. I would love to get my hands on some!

  15. Oh my goodness, what a steal! I hate it when people say "make me an offer" too... because I want to say .25 cents no matter what it is!! LOL! Sometimes I do!... I'll teach THEM to tell ME to make an offer! :) Anyway, the cubbies look so good!


  16. I LOVE it!! That is an awesome find! You could make it look even more like the pottery barn one by buying those label holder things (they have them in the scrap booking section at Hobby Lobby, $2.99 for 6) I love the way you styled them. I would stare at them all the time as well! You house is decorated beautifly!

  17. Oh, I do love me a cubby! You got a fantastic deal on that piece and think of the fun you'll have changing out accessories for the seasons! Visiting from FFF.

  18. I can clearly see this took alot of elbow grease, as my grandma used to say ...
    did I mention I love it?

  19. Wow, I think you did a fabulous job lnocking off the PB piece! It turned out great! Wonderful job. I will be featuring this post on this week's TTF party! I hope you will drop by and join again and grab your "I was featured" button!

  20. Wow....you're a lucky copy cat! I would expect to pay $15 (or more) for a small cubby....you picked it up for a song! Great job styling the shelves too :)

  21. Great work - looks fab!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  22. It is all about seeing the potential...love it!

  23. Could you please give the dimensions? I'm thinking this must be huge to house all that pottery? It's fabulous

  24. Wow! Your cubbies took my breath away! They are beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


  25. OMYGOSH....I am in serious COVET mode here. I would LOVE one of these....where can I put one??? Mr. Sweet can build me one......where will I put it???? :))

    You did an awesome job on it, girl....GREAT copy cat.
    xo bj

  26. Could you possibly email the dimensions to me? I am serious about having this built. Oh, and, if you don't mind, where did you order the label holders from ?
    Thanks so much.....

  27. You Rock girl. This is awesome awesome awesome. Love the added labels too. Yours is better than PB. Thanks so much for sharing with the magazine copy cat party.

  28. perfection ! great job. what a crisp homey vintage feel I love it. !


  29. WOW what a great find and what you have done with it! It's looks amazing. I love the added label. Great job copy catting. Enjoy your day, Gail

  30. I love cubbies and this one is awesome! I love it and the labels are just like PB...great job.

  31. This turned out great!! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  32. These are really beautiful, and I've had a big crush on these cubbies for a long time!

  33. I love to find bargains like that!