August 24, 2011

A Light and Courage

Wow, I can't believe its been so long since my last post!
I will be glad to get moved and settle in so I can get back to projects. Just in time with the Fall and Christmas season sneaking up on us! 
I love's my favorite season! 

My light is finally up and I am loving it! I need to get the bulbs but look how big it is!

I cannot wait to see her all lit up over my table!

I got to spend the day today with one of my favorite people in the world!
My baby girl!
We went for pedicures, grabbed some lunch and headed to the movies to see THE HELP
Have you seen this? If not...GO!! Grab your daughter, your mom, your best girlfriend, your sister, whoever and go see this fabulous movie! 
I laughed, cried and just felt so encouraged when I left.

There were so many favorites for me in this movie but the one thing that stood out for me was the amount of Courage it took for both Skeeter and The Help to do what was right. 

Sometimes that means losing friends...
Sometimes that means losing our life....
Sometimes it's not popular....
Sometimes its scary....

Courage creates change and Courage changes lives!

It was such a blessing to be with my daughter to see this movie.. I pray that she will always remember to be courageous and I pray that I will always live that out in front of her!

You is Kind..You Is Smart...You Is Important
(Words to fill our children with every day)

Have a wonderful day! 

August 15, 2011

A Peek and a Prize

Hey girls..Happy Monday to you all!

As promised I had a chance to get over to the house and snap a few pictures. 
The new light is not up yet but I wanted to show you a picture of the kitchen, living room and master bath..

If I had my choice the cabinets would be white but this would be my second pick. Rich, dark cabinets with bronze hardware and stainless appliances. 

Pretty fireplace!

Master bath sinks and garden tub to the right. Loving the mirrors!

It's just a mini peek but I look forward to decorating and sharing as I go!

In other news..I am one of those people that rarely enters contests or drawings because I never win and think its just a waste of my time. Back in July I entered a drawing that Layla at The Lettered was hosting. Guess what....I WON!!!!  
I was not aware of my win until I was cleaning out my SPAM box (darn it) and came across an email from Layla saying that I won. I knew some time had passed and I emailed her to say sorry for the delay and explained about the SPAM box. I kinda forgot about it and guess I got a package in the mail from Bella Inspirations with my prize!!
Did I mention I was soooooo excited and that I never win anything...
Here is what I won...

A beautiful pillow (I have a pillow problem)!! Thank you soooo much to Layla and Bella Inspirations for the giveaway and for sending it even though time had passed!! 
If you haven't already checked out The Lettered Cottage (who hasn't) I love Layla and Kevin and always am inspired by their creativity!
If you haven't checked out Bella Inspirations ( you need to! She is an interior designer and textile designer with some beautiful things. 

Next time you hesitate about entering a giveaway think again...I know I will!!

Have a beautiful Monday!

August 11, 2011

Packing Up

I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post...time rolls by doesn't it! I have been just a little busy packing and getting things ready for the move. This is the first time I have moved right into another home without renting first. The paperwork times two is crazy!! Trying to keep it all separate and on top of it is a job!

The kids start school in just over a week and I am not looking forward to the busyness that brings. My oldest son is starting his senior year and my youngest is finishing his last in junior high. Where does the time go?? 

This is what my home looks like right now...

Boxes everywhere....
I guess the good part is that I really don't care if the house is picked up because it still looks like a mess..those that know me realize I can't do this very long, it drives me CRAZY!! 

I had ordered a beautiful lantern light fixture for our new home and it came in yesterday. I am super excited to see it up and can't wait to share a picture of it with you. I hope to be back soon with a sneak peek of the new house. 

Hope you are all enjoying the last few days of summer with your kiddos. I myself am looking forward to some FALL weather and gearing up for the BARN SALE..yippee!!

Have a blessed day my friends!!

August 3, 2011


About 3 months ago the Lord placed it on our hearts to be better stewards of what he was giving us.
We have lived a debt free life for years but knew it was time to downsize our home. With our daughter getting married in the spring and a son who is entering his senior year, the timing just seemed right.
We put it on the market in May and this past weekend signed papers for a buyer!! Ya Hoo!!!
We have spent much time in prayer over this asking for his will be done and for a place to stay vacant so that we could move right in instead of renting something.
My God also delivered that! 

I ask for your prayers as we go through the inspection and the appraisal and tie up any loose ends that may try to come unraveled! 
We are anxious to start this new journey and look forward to what the Lord has in store for our family! 

On Sunday our sermon at church was in the book of Luke. If your not familiar with it it's on making disciples. We are called as Christians to be disciples! What does that look means commiting yourself completely to him. It's a takeover, not a makeover! Means giving up what is sometimes comfortable for you (relationships, family, friends) Luke 14:26, its an extreme comparison to love one more than the other. 
It touched me to the core people!!
And what does he promise in return...Luke 29-30..Blessings!!!
Is it easy?? No, but Christ never had it easy!!
This past year the Lord has been working on our family and we have had to make several hard changes in our lives. I would not change one of them! I know that by following him completely he will pour out more blessings than we can handle and I am so thankful for his gracious undeserved invitation!

I look forward to our new home with anticipation on decorating and hope you will follow along as I get a chance to transform rooms again!! How exciting is that??!!

Have a blessed day!!