October 30, 2010

The Forgotten Nook

I bought a few items from Goodwill a few weeks ago that I just LOVE and wanted to create a small vignette. I decided the space above my refrigerator was never used would be perfect!!

I removed the doors (yes I kept them) just in case we ever sale the house (hmmm) and the new owners want to put them back up.

The clock was 5.99, the basket was 3.99 and the topiary was a splurge at 6.99!!

I really liked the way it turned out...What do you think??   Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

October 29, 2010

Getting Ready for the Barn Chicks

Yeah!! Its Friday..no cross country, no football, just rest and relaxation!! Yeah right, I'm geering up for the Barn Chicks Show!!

Are you coming?? Grab the girls and head on down to Gonzalez for a beautiful day filled with super vendors. Look in my sidebar for a teaser of who is coming. Lots of yummy treats and some super Christmas gifts for those who haven't started or have (really)??

I would love to see you there!! I pray you have a wonderful weekend filled with doing things you love with the people you love!

I'm gonna get my painting and decorating on!!

Bins full of possibility!! What can I create today??hmmm...
Happy Halloween Ya'll!!

October 24, 2010

A Girls Weekend...WOMEN OF FAITH

Girlfriends are the best!!

Dinner on the Riverwalk..yummy!!

Love them!!

Don't ask??

Ladies of Grace..such beautiful women!

She makes me laugh!!!

One of the Roomies!!

Celebrating the Lord!
Wow..what a weekend!! I feel so refreshed, spiritually that is! Anytime I go away for a weekend with the girls it seems we do anything but sleep..I know I am not alone on this..girls?? We laughed (alot), cried together, danced, ate some great mexican food and were fed the Word of God from some fabulous women!! If you have never been to a Women of Faith event, I highly recommend you go with some girlfriends, daughters, your mom whoever you can pull along. I love every single lady that went and will always remember our weekend together as sisters in Christ and as Women of Faith. Thanks for a great time!!

October 19, 2010


I HAVE FEARS! I know surprising right?? Who doesn't??

At times they drift sporadically through my mind, other times they linger like a bad odor and consume me. Why?? Because Satan likes nothing more than to taunt me with false "what ifs..."

What is someone doesn't want to be my friend..then what?
What if something terrible happens to someone I love..then what?
What if they don't like it...then what??
Then what, then what, then what???? UGH!

In my study on Esther this week we are looking at Esther and her fear of going before the King to change his mind about a plot to kill her people (Jews). She fasted and prayed for three days along with all the Jews that this plan would be foiled. In those days it was against the law to go before the King unless you were summoned. She had to be shaking in her boots!!  Her reply (to Mordacai) "If I perish, I perish". (Esther 4:16-17)

WHAT???? Do I have that kind of courage? Do I fear something so much and STILL look it in the eye and say "If I ____, then ___." Most days I would say NO!  Do I call for help from my King? Do I fast and pray and realize that most of my fears never come to fruition. Big Sigh.............

It doesn't mean that my life won't be touched with evil or heartbreak, it just means that I have been given the security that God will stand by me through it!! If he chooses to "put me through it, He will pull me through it". 

God give me the courage to triumph over my fears, to look them in the eye and say "If I perish, then I perish". I want to have that kind of courage!! I know you have already won the battle and want me to trust you for the outcome. 

Have you given him your fears? He knows them already, but have you released them to him?

So....do you wanna know what happens to Esther? Go read it!!! Its an intriguing book that we can all relate to! I love you all mucho and pray that God will give you courage to look your fears in the eye and say, "If I ____, then I ____. TRUST HIM!!

October 15, 2010

Tennessee..Part Two..Room Redos

These pics do not do these cabinets justice! They were the color of the pic. below! What a difference a little paint makes!!

 Isn't this a beauty?? Ugh.. It was so many shades of red, black, brown..etc. Where do you begin?? Look at those floors by the way...This was a guest house at my sister in laws that needed a little (lot)  freshening up.

I worked really hard  (once 13 hours in a day) to give this whole place a makeover! It was worth it and she was so excited to see the transformation.

I only have a few befores..I know I'm so bad at that part, but if I can retrieve them from my emails I will get them on here. I'm still learning, so take it easy!!

We visited every TJ Maxx (did I mention I love this store) in the greater Tennessee and Georgia area looking for a few things to freshen up the space. There was nothing big enough to cover that floor but we did try...

U-G-L-Y!! This is what the before cabinets looked like over the sink!! The bad red color!!

The mess before..Are the red floors screaming at you yet??  The walls were lemon yellow before..What?? I mean I could see how that goes with that floor...????

I was trying to add some pillows and a throw to make it look better..my mind was already going..

Hello beautiful white creamy cabinets and refurbished white cart!!

A little eating nook..We got the chairs and table at a cute little place in Georgia called Meanders! Fun vintage finds. I wanted to load up my car at this place. I actually did get a bench and it will be coming soon!

These walls were empty and we used a ugly table behind the sofa for some height and I covered the tile top (not pretty) with some pretty shams that matched the throw..why not shams as table toppers?? See that wooden box...when they sell the house it's coming to live with me!!

I actually love the color of this room, a pale green. Her husband thought we bought that black cabinet and we told him we moved it from the guesthouse on the tractor loader and he said he had never seen it before. Repurposing!!! Love that word!! The little red bench we picked up at Meanders also.

We fixed up this little entrance with a small table to catch keys and welcome guests!! There was nothing here before and now it says..Come On In!!

Gosh..do I look tired or what?? The mantle and table in front of me got a little makeover too!

A little reading nook in this room with a throw on the wall. I hung it from a curtain rod I found hiding in the closet. This room only had a bed before and was screaming for some attention. That rug on the floor..$14.00 at a thrift store in Georgia. Just like new and covered some bad floors also!

A guest room in the guest house! Layers of bedding and quilts! Yummy! Can bedding be yummy??

I had a blast fixing this place up. We tried to use things she already had and purchased a few new things. I enjoyed my morning coffee and our talks and will always remember this fun week! I can't wait for it to sell and move her back to Texas so we can do it again!! Thanks for the opportunity!  

October 11, 2010

Tennessee...Part One

Hello beautiful home!! I spent 5 day in Tennessee and it was loads of fun!!

My mother-in-love

At the end of the week I was pooped! This was my favorite spot on the porch!

Hello front porch..I hear you calling my name..please come home with me..

The barn. They have 5 beautiful horses and their accomodations aren't too shabby!

The back porch.Isn't there something about hearing a screen door that makes you feel at home?? Is that weird??

My little home away from home..isn't she cute??

View from my guest house every morning..again look at those trees!

My sister in love..she was crawling under the house to feed this little kitten that had made a home there!

From the front porch having coffee I got to look at this every morning..took my breath away!

My mother in love..I never think of her as an inlaw..she is super special to me!

I felt like I belonged here the whole time I was in this house!


Front porch..As soon as I got there I told her we had to add some pumpkins and I found that cute wreath in her shed, what??  In the shed!! I dug that baby out and added some ribbon and hung it up. I added the plants, rugs and moved the furniture and pillows to make it more welcoming! Hello Fall!!

The view from the guesthouse where I stayed! Look at those fabulous trees!

I had such a wonderful time with my sister in law and my mother in law. We both cried so much at the airport when it was time to leave. I love you mucho Racee and thank you for the hospitality and for the opportunity to transform some of your spaces..it was loads of FUN!! Yes, I said transform some spaces. I believe I did a total of 7 rooms or porches while I was there! I worked really hard and we shopped till we dropped but had a wonderful time. I will show you some of these spaces in the next post..so stay tuned...have you traveled to Tennessee? Leave me a comment and let me know.

October 4, 2010

Birthdays and a Getaway

 Where does the time go I ask ya?? It seems like yesterday all these beauties were babies...well they will always be my babies! My youngest turned 13 yesterday and we celebrated with family and friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY! I can't believe I actually have 3 teens in the house. Not for long though my daughter turns 20 in a couple of months...ugh..what?? I know I'm not that old, I just started young..yeah, yeah that's what I'll keep telling myself. What a joy you have been Brandt and I look forward to watching you grow into the man God wants you to be. You make me proud to call you mine and I pray the next year is filled with wonderful memories we will cherish forever! I LOVE YOU!

Brandt and his oma!

Cousin Campbell, isn't she cute??

Oldest son..am I shrinking??

Happy Birthday Baby!! My kids never want a store bought cake, they think they taste weird! Hmm, is that a compliment??       

I hope you all have a beautiful week!! As the song goes...I'm leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..actually I will be back next Sunday. I'm taking a trip with my mother in law to see my sis in law in Tennessee!! I am beyond EXCITED! Just the girls for 5 days...giddy!! I hear the weather is a beauty. I will miss you all but look forward to blogging about all my adventures when I return. Happy Fall week and get out there and enjoy it...I AM!!

What do you think of the new page?? My future son in law fixed it for me..Is he scoring big points or what?? I love him! 

Leave a comment, I love to hear from you!!