April 27, 2012


I am a little busy over here preparing for this upcoming wedding. Sorry my posts have been few and far between lately. We are three weeks away tomorrow and I can't believe it's almost here!

Tomorrow is my oldest son's last prom and his graduation announcements are ready to be mailed out. This mamma will be on some kind of emotional rollercoaster for the next month or so. It's all good stuff but these milestones are hard on a mom..ugh!

I wanted to share another room I played with while I was at my sis house. 

Her guest bath

Sorry there are no befores but this was a bare room that had just been painted. The standard large piece of glass was replaced with a framed mirror (sorry no pics)

Soap dish, wire basket were found at LaurieAnnas home in Canton
Script jar was found at PB outlet

Simple, clean and beautiful!

My posts will probably be hit or miss for awhile but I will be back.
Prom pics coming soon of course..

Thanks for all my followers and for those that take the time to leave me comments. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

April 20, 2012

Big Time and Georgia Finds

Hey hey its Friday!!
Hope you have all had a blessed week but can I get an amen for the weekends!

They say everything is bigger in Texas. That would prove true on this find I had to have on my recent trip to Canton.  I have this obsession with clocks and numbers so when I spotted this huge (I mean big, girls) clock I was sucked in. It made such a statement and I loved it!! I told the sweet girl I would think about it for awhile and come back if I couldn't forget about it. Well guess what...I couldn't. Probably didn't help that my sis in law had to go back and pick up some other things she bought at the end of the day. They had already packed it up but she said for $40 I could have it. SOLD!!

I plan to put it in my bedroom, just not over the bed. Hubby said if it fell off it would knock one of us out cold..he's so funny!

It's made out of an old table top and distressed. This could easily be made or copied.
Sometimes bigger is better!

I also wanted to share with you two things my sis in law sent back with me that she bought me in Georgia. 
They lived in Tennessee and have recently moved back to Texas and I am so happy they are closer but they do have some great shops up there.

Love this cute chippy metal stool. She had it in her kitchen and on the last day she told me to take it home. It was mine all along she just wanted to watch me drool over it for a week. 

 Numbers and storage and old..love!! 
She knows me..very well!
Thanks for being so generous to me sis...I love you!

We are down to the last shower this weekend and WOW this journey has been fun. My daughter informed me that we are on the 30 day countdown now. I think someone is very excited! Ok..that makes two of us!

Have a beautiful weekend!

April 16, 2012

Laughs and a Room Makeover

Shower number two is in the books and boy was it great fun! 
It was a lingerie shower and at the end of the day my jaws hurt so bad from laughing so much. 
What a hoot these girls are!!
One more shower to go and then we are on the one month countdown.

A few pics..

Darling cake

The bridesmaids

Lots of pink!!

I love girl time and these girls definately made it a fun day!

I also wanted to share with you another room that I worked on at my sisters house.
This is a guest room so it isn't used much but can be seen from the living room so it needed to look pretty.
I wanted it to have a Ralph Lauren feel to it and think I achieved that look by using several things she owned already.



We are going to replace the ceiling fan in the room on the next visit.
I love how this room feels. So warm and comfortable. 
Doesn't it look so much better and lived in?!

Hoping your day is blessed!
Thank you for stopping in and I always love hearing from you. 

April 11, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

Happy Wednesday!
It's that time of the year when my boys are so ready to be out of school. Especially my oldest who has some serious senioritis! We are counting down the days till the end. These beautiful days make it even harder but the mom in me wants to slow it all down..(sigh).

While I was away at my sis in laws home last week I did a little redecorating for her. When they bought this house it was only a couple years old and the previous owners had put alot of extras into it that my sis did not appreciate. Very taste specific shall we say?


Very grainy pic (sorry) but you get the idea. Sorry if I have offended any cedar lovers but Wow thats a little too much going on there. 

We're getting there...


New paint, new curtains, new table, new light fixture, new look!!
She was working on painting the baseboards when I left and still needs to find a few more chairs but the transformation is so much better..don't you agree??

Her hubby's dad owned a general store many years ago and he still had this sign and wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the house. Those framed documents are old receipts from that same store. (She is replacing the old frames)

This little corner needed a little light.

We spent a little money on some new chairs, a light fixture, and curtains but tried to use some of what she had on hand. I think its a great improvement and it feels so much cleaner and simpler. When I go back in June we will work on it again..whew!

I have more pics to share of other rooms so I hope you will come back and check them out.
Have a beautiful day!!

April 9, 2012

Great Times

I'm back and boy do I feel like I have been gone forever.
I skipped town about a week ago to spend some time getting my sis in laws house in order. 
Flew into Dallas, two day trip to Canton, decorating for three days straight and then a five hour trip home. Birthday celebration with family and Easter Sunday....whew! I need a vacation now!!
I had a wonderful time and we made alot of progress on her house. I will be sharing some before and afters in a few posts later. 

We shopped till we dropped in Canton and filled her car to overflowing with so many goodies. One of my very favorite places to visit in Canton is Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. She has the most breathtaking store and the staff is beyond wonderful. 

We left a lot of our money here and I look forward to my next trip in June. 
LA thanks for a wonderful visit and tell Dennis hi for me!

Loaded down with more treasures from Trade Days

Don't you love the shirt?? Junk..gotta have it!!

I was so glad to be home to recover and will hit the floor running this week. Shower number two is Saturday and guess who's house it's at..yep!
Time to start cleaning. 

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter with your family celebrating our Risen Lord!!
Have a beautiful Monday!