March 31, 2011

A Chalkboard Frame

Hi girlies..I hope you are having a great week and your getting some sunshine wherever you may be.. I had the chance to hit the thrift store last week and found a beautiful frame but I wasn't too thrilled with the picture in it. I knew it would make a beautiful chalkboard so I brought it home and took it apart to see if I could use the existing picture as a board..guess what it WORKED! 

 This is the back of the board. I used 2 coats of chalkboard paint

 Backside of the frame..did you need to see this..probably not!

This is the picture on the front, I tried to remove the paper and then decided to turn it over and use the back..duh..

I do love how it turned out!! Did I mention it cost me a whole $2.00..
 This quote is one of my favorites... The red walls..not so much..they are soon to get a makeover..stay tuned..
Have a beautiful day!

I love hearing from to me girlies!

March 28, 2011

Fun Times in Round Top

Hello peeps, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was a warm one on Saturday when a couple of my girlfriends, my mom and I, loaded up and took a short, 2 hour drive to Warrenton/Round Top Tx. I love girl time and boy did we have a ton of laughs!! I am terrible about taking pictures and capturing every moment..I am too busy shopping girls!!..but managed to snap a couple before we got started.
It was a fun day but I was exhausted when we pulled in around 9:00 pm, dusty, sweaty and tired!!
I took some newbies along this time and they both said they loved it and wanted to go fact, one of them bought more than any of us..I won't tell which one...

I found a few goodies to bring home with me...

This old wood crate was calling my name. I can use this in many areas of my home to make small arrangements in but for now it was long enough to put on my farm table and hold something pretty!

I love the old lettering inscribed on the box

This old sugar sack I bought for a steal..$5.00 and will make a cute pillow

This is my favorite thing..a french rug with the look of an old grain sack! Can't wait to put this down!!

It was such a fun weekend!!  I hope your weekend was filled with lots of  laughter and fun memories too!

I found the cutest frame before I left and can't wait to show you what I did with it!
Have a great Monday!

March 24, 2011

A Recipe and Round Top

These gorgeous days of Spring are upon us here in the South and I am loving it!!
I have spent days out in the yard planting,weeding, watering and just enjoying this beautiful season.
After working outside all day, nothing tastes better than a quick meal made from easy ingredients.
The warmer weather means alot of meals on the grill and a lot of outside dining for this family.
It's quick, easy and tastes YUMMY!

Balsamic Chicken and Tortellini

3 Chicken Breasts (I used Italian Marinated)
1 Bag Tortellini

Mix together:
1/3 c. Olive Oil
1/3 c. Balsamic Vinegar
Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh Basil (I got to use some from my garden)
Salt and Pepper

Cook your tortellini and grill your chicken (cut into cubes)
Toss all together in a large bowl with ingredients and chill (or not)
Serve with Ciabatta or French Bread
Easy Peasy!!

I am super excited! In two days I am headed to Round Top Tx. with some girlfriends!
I love, love, love this place. If you haven't been it's a flea market/antique lovers paradise with so much eye candy and inspiration for miles. I have a few specific things I am looking for and will let you know what treasure I find when I return...
Have a wonderful weekend my friends and enjoy the sunshine!

The lazy days are upon us!!

March 22, 2011


It was a regular trash day around these parts, nothing unusual, on my way home to pick up my boys and do some haircuts and grocery shopping. I took an alternate route through my neighborhood admiring the flowers and freshly cut grass that was being delivered. The trash men had already made their rounds and that is when I spotted her...sitting next to the road all by her lonesome was this beautiful piece of furniture! I backed up, pulled into the driveway, walked up (okay I might have run..) to the door and knocked. I asked the woman living their if I could take the piece since the trash did not pick it up..hello..I don't think they put stuff like this in their trucks!! She said sure if I could load it, I could have it! I yelled "thank you" and hurried off to get my boys to help me load her up and take her home! They might think I'm crazy..hmmm...anyways.. I can't believe what people will throw away!

I have ordered some new paint to try on her but it is on back order until the end of the month..ugh..I can't wait to get her all prettied up and show her off in her new home!

Really...she had me at drawer pulls..aren't they fabulous!! Can you see the detail?? She's gonna be a beauty!


True story peeps!! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

March 20, 2011

Wedding Cakes and A Day At Gruene

Wow..I can't believe that Spring Break has come and gone in a flash. It was so nice having my kids home and spending time together. I always dread when it's over and gear up for the weeks of busyness again. Ugh...

We have been busy preparing for the wedding and this week the two lovies picked out their wedding cakes. I think this will be one of the funnest and tastiest things we get to do.. I loved it!! They picked out flavors and fillings they wanted to try beforehand and brought out the cutest little samples for us all to try. YUMMY!  I honestly thought they were all pretty great but in the end they settled for a mix of Pink Champagne, White Godiva (I may have licked the plate) and Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse! Heavenly I tell ya!! Lot's of pink and bling and a little personality of both. What a grand day!

On Saturday I spent the day in Gruene Tx. with my MIL. If you are in the area take a trip there, it is one of my very favorite places. Oldest dance hall in Texas, great food in an Old Grain Mill, gorgeous flowers and they serve your drinks in mason jars. I seriously love this place!! It was Spring Break so it was super busy but it was so gorgeous outside noone seemed to mind.

 We shopped the outlet Malls, went to friends for dinner, and I had a girls night out with some great company..Great week!

You will not believe my trash find this week! You will have to come back and check it out..seriously, I can't believe what people throw excited for this one!! I know I'm ya though...(wink wink)..

March 15, 2011

Ol' Blue Eyes (The Dresser)

What a weird name for a post..I know. But he stands in my bedroom looking at me and calling my name. I love, love, love how this dresser turned out! Did I mention love??

My mother in law had this dresser in a house she was going to sell and asked me if I wanted it. It's not in the best shape and I'm sure that most people would have just turned it down, but not me (I know my blogging buddies would have jumped on it also) I saw the potential in it right away. So it sat in the closet for about a year (so much for right away) and this last week I pulled it out and started the process on bringing him back to life.

I was inspired by Miss Mustard Seeds blue dresser and thought our bedroom could use a little bit of color so I went for it! I love how he turned out!! Yippee!! Hubby asked if I always refer to our furniture in the third person..I of course said yes, it makes them seem more special. I also love hearing the stories behind some of this furniture from his childhood and it makes these pieces so much more special to me.

So let's take a look shall we...... Before.. Love the little details


Isn't he beautiful? Don't answer that if you don't like him (just kidding). I used a color called SilverMist (Behr paint/primer) and sanded the edges and then sprayed a clear coat to keep the edges from peeling. I left the top the same for contrast. 
So what projects are you working on this week I would love to know!
Have a wonderful week my friends!!

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March 12, 2011

The Piano Bench

It seems like forever since I last posted. I have been busy doing projects and celebrating the fact that the kids are out on Spring Break! Wahooo! No plans..sleeping in..doing whatever we want..ohh how I love a break.
 I mentioned in my last post about a bench I was working on and I finished it! This bench was my grandmothers and for awhile it was inside, then I moved it outside and now it's back in again. It was starting to peel black paint (probably due to the weather..whoops) and also because I did not take the steps to prep it the right way..I know, I know, I should know better. This time I did it right and gave her a new home inside the house.

I gave her a good sanding which didn't take much due to the fact that the paint was chipping off in small pieces. One coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. I used a color called Anew Gray because I already had it on hand (thanks again Sami).  Lastly, I did a light brushing of a Tobacco glaze to age her a little.

I know she looks white in these pictures but trust me she is a pale gray

The throw was a gift from Pottery Barn from my sis in law and the white fluffy blanket is from IKEA

Since I had all the paint on hand this project was free!! I love FREE don't you! I found a few things while out thrifting this weekend and I will show you in my next post. I am also working on a small dresser and I can't wait to show you how pretty she is looking!!
I hope your getting a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather..I am starting to prep the garden...does this work stuff ever end??

Have a wonderful weekend! Ohhh and I love to hear from you..drop me a line! Love you girls!

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March 8, 2011

Organizing Makes Me Happy

Hello girlies..I have been busy sanding and getting a bench ready for a new paint job and working on a little house decorating for a client. While at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago I picked up some metal boxes not knowing what I was going to do with them..imagine that! My little craft drawer was in need of a little organizing and so I put them to good use. One day I hope to have a craft room but until then I will have to endure stuff in different places all over the house (sorry for taking your closet hubby..). This is my craft drawer before..just thrown in there..

Sorry for the fuzzy images, I dropped my camera and now it is doing weird things..a new camera is on the list! These metal boxes were only 25 cents each..are you kidding me?

I had this wine box already and glad I didn't throw it away, it makes a great organizer.

I now have a place for ribbon, glue sticks, old handles (don't ask), twine, etc..

Organizing makes me happy..does it you?? I really need a new camera....Hope to get the bench done in a couple of days to show you and then start on hubby's dresser (sshhh he doesn't know yet)!

March 4, 2011


I am loving these beautiful spring days!! Doesn't it inspire you to get busy outside and clean, plant, and make things pretty...I know I'm not the only one right?? I want to plant flowers, move things around like I do on the inside of the house to get it ready for Spring and leave the dreariness of winter behind me. This week I have had a chance to get out there and give my old bench a new coat of paint. It's been the same barn red for about 3 years now and I thought she needed a new look! I inherited several quarts of paint from a friend of mine (thanks Sami) who was cleaning out her stash and chose a color for her new look. I have cleaned the porch, added some ferns and flowers to get started and now I am ready to jump in to SPRING...aren't you?

I hope you get a chance to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather this weekend and get your hands dirty planting something pretty for Spring!