February 27, 2011

Friday Finds

Wow!! The days here have been so beautiful I actually had to turn on the air conditioner today. Just gorgeous spring days!! Every Friday I try to hit the local thrift store to see if there are any deals to be had. I found a few to share with you this week...

                  I found this basket tray for 50 cents. The rest of the goodies are mine..just 
wanted to show you how I used it in the kitchen

These glass jars were a steal at 25 cents each and are heavy! 
Perfect for qtips and cotton balls..which I need to buy..

 Two white drapery rod sets!! 50 cents each!!
I think these will look so cute on the wall in a craft room holding
wrapping paper

 4 ironstone plates 10 cents each people!!
1 white bowl..I collect this simple pattern when I see them.. 25 cents!

 Two number fives..I'm sure you can see their price
I have a little something for numbers..I know its kinda weird!!

This is about 1-2 yards of burlap..A steal at 1.00! Don't have any plans for
it yet but you can never have too much burlap lying around..right??

GRAND TOTAL= $3.85 (are you kidding me..crazy!)

Hubby is home this week and we are going to try and get some things done outside
since the weather is so beautiful! I am planning on dressing up my back porch this Spring
painting and moving things around. A dear friend of mine let me know she was getting rid
of a lot of quarts of paint that were nearly full and I ran over to grab them for some fun
Spring projects!

I hope you have a beautiful week and get a chance to get out in the sun! If its still 
cold where you are...don't worry it's coming!!

February 24, 2011

Engagement Pictures

I can't believe the wedding is just over a year away!! I have plans in my head, lists, things to get done ahead of time and the days just keeping passing me by faster and faster. People tell me.." you have plenty of time to get things done"  but being the person who likes to plan ahead and have things ready, it makes me a little crazy to stop and think about how fast it will be here. Excited and nervous all at the same time!!

We did have a chance to get the engagement pictures taken a month ago and we are thrilled with how they turned out! We will be sending out SAVE THE DATES (do people still do this?) in several months with their engagement pics. on them. Wow, it really becomes official when those go out!!

We found a wonderful photographer pretty close to us and plan on using her for the bridal pictures too. She said she does not do weddings because she likes her weekends and her sanity..haha who can blame her.

I love these two people to pieces and we feel so blessed that God has brought them together and look forward to what He has in store for their future together!

I love you both..to the moon and back...and back again!!

February 22, 2011

A Special Night

Hellooo girlies!! I hope you all had an eventful weekend...mine was quiet. Not that there is anything wrong with a quiet weekend, sometimes I need that desperately.

The Friday before Valentines Day the men at my parent's church hosted a Valentines
dinner in honor of ladies. They served us a nice dinner, had a speaker and a fun band. My dad
 invited the special ladies in his life (Mom, me, my daughter, and my sis in law) and I was proud to be one of them!

It was a fun and memorable evening that I will remember always!

Thank you Dad for wanting to serve, for wanting to make me feel special, for encouraging
me to be the person God wants me to be, for teaching me to stand up and speak up, for the importance
of family, and for being the first man I ever loved!!
I love you more than you will ever know and I am proud of the man you are!

Yes..I ate every bite!!

I pray you have a wonderful day!!

February 19, 2011

Adding a Little Beadboard

I have tossed around the idea of painting my cabinets white
for awhile but think I have talked myself out of it for now. Maybe an island makeover
will suffice me..we'll see. In the meantime I thought maybe a little
beadboard wallpaper inside the cabinets would brighten them up
a little and be a cheap way to change the look.

I applied the wallpaper with a hot glue gun instead of the usual sticky mess in case
we need to remove it. I don't plan on staying in this house forever so the
next tenants may not want it. It's a quick fix and an easy way to make me happy.

The cabinets are glass sorry for the grainy picture

I'm happy with the quick fix!!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

February 17, 2011

The Picture Find

Well if you read my last post about my tote I hinted about a very
neat picture I found at the thrift store. 
I was actually drawn to the frame and had ideas of making it into a chalkboard
or just buying a piece of glass for a large family picture. I painted the frame a creamy
white and started to paint over the canvas with a chalkboard paint. You can do
that right?? Anyway..hubby said why don't you pull up that artists name
at the bottom corner for fun and see if it's anyone special. 
I googled L.W. Prentice and was surprised to find out he is a well known
artist in upstate New York. He was born in 1858 and died in 1935 so that makes his
most popular work around 100 years old. Wow!! 
He mostly did still life paintings and landscape and most of his pieces sell at auctions in
the range of $8.000 to 50,000!! What??
I am sure it is not an original and is either a oil on canvas or a print on canvas but I
do know it is old! 
It even smells old..Weird I know..

So what to do with it?? Is it worth anything? Do I just have a really neat story of 
a $2.00 picture from some famous artist in New York? 
I am assuming he was well known because his art sold at Christie's and Sothebys in
New York. 
I am checking into it and in the meantime I have a really nice picture (remember I
wasn't drawn to the picture) with a new creamy frame!

I love finding fun things..I guess if you thrift shop enough you are
bound to stumble upon something fun once in awhile.

Have you ever found anything fun or interesting on your thrifting trips?? 
I would love to hear from you if you have.

Have a happy day girls!!

February 15, 2011

A Lace Tote from a Curtain

I can't believe it's already Wednesday.
I have been busy making homes look pretty all week..
I love my job!!

This weekend I had a chance to get a little tote bag made
to carry my Bible study materials and maybe hold
a trinket or two on my next trip to Round Top!!
 It's coming girls and I am ready to load up and
head out!  Are you going??
Ok..now what was I sayin'?? Oh yeah the tote bag..

I started with a white curtain I had picked up at GW and made a 
easy stitch bag leaving the top open

I then sewed another using Osnaburg (you could use any fabric)

and inserted it inside.

Stitched the two together and turned inside out

I folded the white out and sewed to make a cuff.

I used the edge of the curtain to make the straps so they were
already sewn.

Be sure to measure on your arm so you know where to
put the straps and sew to bag

I found some pretty lace at the thrift store for $1.00 so I
added a little to make it more feminine..Don't you just love
lace and ruffles!

I must admit this sewing thing is getting fun!
I found a French label over at the Graphics Fairy and I
am thinking about adding it to the bag also.

Speaking of thrift store..I picked up a neat find last week and can't wait
 to tell you the story about it..

Hope your Wednesday is a happy one!

I have linked up with Tuesdays Treasures over
at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

February 12, 2011

Pottery Barn Sign Knock Off

Happy Saturday!!
I hope you are all having a great weekend with friends
and family.
It's so beautiful here today..sun is shining and it's expected to get
in the high 60's..woo hoo!!

A couple of days ago I was looking through an old Pottery Barn
magazine (because I keep them all...don't you??) and found a 
picture of a sign that I really liked.
I asked hubby if he would help me make it and he said sure..he
is so much better at detail than me!

I decided to make mine the opposite colors since I found a 
piece of white board in the garage ready to go.
I guess at some point I was going to use it for something and
I never did..SCORE for me today!

Step one: paint the board..DONE!

Step two: Make letters on the computer

Step three: Trace the letters on the back with a pencil
Be sure to apply a lot of pressure so the
lead will show up on the board

Step four: Turn the letters over and retrace them out on the board.
This should save a lot of time instead of cutting them all

You are now ready to paint!!

Inspiration from Pottery Barn

The finished product
Hubby drew out the words at the end and I painted
them..told you he was better at the detail!
I distressed the board with some tobacco glaze to
give it an aged look.

Happy Painting!!

 I plan on adding a picture hanger and hanging it just under the scroll
I think...

February 10, 2011

A Table Runner Ruffle

The sun is out today!! Can I get an amen!!
It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for the spirit.
I hope that you are all having a great Thursday today!

I have seen so many tutorials in the blogosphere making a 
table runner with a burlap ruffle.
I absolutely love it and decided to give it a shot.

I used a runner that I had picked up at PB outlet several months
back and it just wasn't doing anything for me on my
table..kinda boring.
I am a frugal girl so I wanted to use what I had on hand.
It worked and I am loving it now!! 

I also thought this would look really cute using a dropcloth as 
a table runner and making a ruffle using burlap..I'm sure someone
has already thought of that..I'm a little slower than some.

Have you seen the darling bedskirt made out of a dropcloth over at
Restoration House (it's in my sidebar)?? If you haven't you must go check it out!

Let's get started..

I cut 2 burlap pieces for the ruffles
Make sure to cut them a little longer to allow
for gathering

 One boring linen table runner

 Turned under and pinned the edges

 Pinned the burlap piece to the runner
I gathered up small sections and pinned them individually
Does that make sense??
I pinned it all on and sewed the whole thing at once
It might be easier to sew the edges and then
add the ruffle to the runner.
I am to impatient for that...sorry!

 Ta-dah!! I love it!

A little less boring on the table..I think!
Have a blessed day my friends!!

A little random picture of myself on my way out the
door to go thrifting. Do you have a hat day...those are my days to
not wash my hair and do nothing with it..lazy I know!

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February 8, 2011

A Proud Moment and Some Snow

Last week my oldest son was inducted into the National Honor
Society! We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. 
He must get it from his dad...
He gets his sense of humor from me..

We love you sweet boy more than words can express and know that
God has wonderful plans for your life. You are the most caring, loving, 
and happy spirited young man I know and it makes me
proud to be your mom!

My three favorite guys!

It's a rare thing to get snow here in Texas but last Friday
we actually had a snow day!! Woo hoo!!

The boys were out of school and we spent
 the day bundled up in the house.
I know..I know we shouldn't even call it snow so
all you up North please turn your head because the snow pics you will
see will be a disgrace.

Hey, anyday we can miss school and stay bundled up in
our jammies with a hot cup of coffee is a good day for me!!

Thank you so much for all the compliments on the chair makeover
and for all the new visitors! You girls really know how to make
me smile! I wish I could meet every one of you personally, I know 
we would have lots to talk about!

Have a blessed week my friends!