November 28, 2011

A Little Christmas

Hey girls!
It seems like forever since I last posted. Busy, busy..
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I enjoyed my kids being home and just relaxing. Did you do any shopping on Black Friday??  I was not about to hit those stores but I did get away with a sweet friend of mine and poke around in an old house that was about to be torn down and found some goodies. Now that is my kind of Black Friday shopping!! 

I love this time of year, don't you?
The lights, the colors, the music and most of all because we celebrate our Savior!! 
No better person to celebrate!

Have you decked your halls yet?
I started a few days ago and finally got the tree finished today..yay!

My buffet decorated with a small tree (Goodwill) and a address number found at the thrift store
The santa book was given to me by some sweet friends

My mantel all decked out with greenery, milk glass and candles all thrift store finds
Stockings from Target several years ago

A coffee table centerpiece

I love a pretty table!!

Finally..our tree!

Whew...this decorating thing is lots of work..but sooo worth it!
Have a beautiful day my friends.

I love hearing from you, is your home all decked out yet??

November 18, 2011

A Candleholder on the Cheap

Do you look for new uses for old things when in a Goodwill or thrift store?

I love to look for things that have good bones, lines or curves and look past what it was intended for. For instance this large bun foot was probably attached to a sofa, table or chair and was discarded because it was broken.

I painted it Heirloom White
Added a glass candle holder (also found at Goodwill)

 Attached it to the base with a heavy duty glue

Added some green filler, ribbon and a candle and voila!

A pretty candle holder on the cheap!

I hope your inspired to see the new life in an old forgotten object. 

Happy Weekend!!

November 15, 2011

A French Bread Board

How was your Tuesday?
It was a rainy one complaints we sure need it.
I had plans to get out and work on a clients home but unloading goods in the rain, driving thirty minutes into town (in the rain) and wet clothes just didn't sound very appealing to me. 
My clients agreed and I postponed till tomorrow.

So what's a girl to do on a rainy day at home with just the radio and a cup of coffee...why paint something of course.
I had picked up this cute little bread board at the shop a couple of weeks ago

With the help of The Graphics Fairy and her great printables I went to work.

As you can see I wrote down a recipe on the back of this print..lets ignore that!
Using the pencil technique, scribble over your letters, then flip it over and trace over the letters.
The outline will appear on your surface.

Can you see it?
Next just paint or use a paint pen to fill in or trace
That's it!

I distressed mine with some sand paper and put a coat of wax over it to seal it

I love how just a little extra can make a big difference!

A little French touch in my kitchen!

What projects have you been up to lately?

Have a blessed Wednesday my friends!!

I have linked up
DIYbyDesign Fall into Fall

November 13, 2011

PB Cabinet..A Great Look Alike

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

I had the best time with a friend of mine at an estate sale last week.
We were literally there for hours...seriously!
We were afraid we were missing things so we kept going back and forth between the home and the barn, so much so that the workers were calling us by our names..hah!

I came home with some great finds

Metal and wood..!!

My favorite find of the day was this large cabinet with cubbies

Solid wood, heavy, and 20 cubbies to fill with ironstone, old silverware and books, etc. 

When I spotted this, it reminded me of this cabinet which is going to be my inspiration for the finished look

This cabinet sells for $1400 in the catalog
My cabinet was a whopping $15!!!

I can't wait to get started and I will share the finished product as soon as I have a chance.

Don't you just love a great deal!
In other news..can you believe Thanksgiving is the week after next?
Where does time go?

Have a great Monday!!

November 8, 2011

Forgotten Clock

Hey girls!
I had a great weekend at the Barn Show and it was a huge success!!
I had so much fun getting to meet vendors, fellow bloggers and visiting with so many friends, both new and old.
I am already looking forward to next years show and I think I'm even getting a bigger space..woohoo

I did make one mistake though..
I didn't take one picture! I know...I guess I was too busy prepping, talking and working that I didn't take the time. There was a professional photographer there and I am hoping that I can get a few from her.

Anyways..I have had this clock face sitting on a shelf in my booth and couldn't believe noone had purchased it.
I spent some time rearranging for Christmas and decided to bring it home and find something creative to do with it.

I took the back off because it wasn't working anyway

And found a new use for something that didn't work!

A base for a pretty lantern..

A tray in the bathroom

I think it would also make a great tabletop.
 I love new uses for something that doesn't work.
And it all started with a little forgotten clock.

Hoping you have a fabulous Wednesday!!

November 2, 2011


Happy Hump Day!!
Do the days just seem to fly by for anyone else?? 
I have been busy shopping for a few homes this week to decorate so my decorating and crafting has been on hold..(I know..tough job)

Last week I found some old frames to take with me to the BARN SALE but I also kept a couple for myself
I thought adding two to my picture wall would bring a little more interest and break up the pictures 
I added a ironstone plate and a clock plate I picked up at PB last year

I love the "old" look of these frames! 
They were already chippy and distressed so no work was needed...Score!

I bought a few extra to take with me to the BARN SALE

So many uses for these old frames
What do you do with you use them for trays, mirrors, chalkboards..I would love to know.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
I am packing up and heading to the sale..I can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by!