March 28, 2012

Ikea Table and French Towels

I hope that you are all having a great Wednesday.

I had been looking for a sofa table for awhile and couldn't find anything that just tickled know that feeling when you just see something and you know its what you want for your with me??

 Well on my last trip to IKEA just before leaving I headed to the "as is" section  (you never know what you will find).  Well low and behold there she was and in an instant I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.

The wood is a gray color that resembles the Restoration Hardware color and was marked down because of a small chip on the edge. I love small chips...honestly, I think she had me at cubbies!  I would like to add  some small locker baskets for storage and on my trip to Canton this weekend I will be looking for some..yay!

I also love their lavender looking plants and brought home a couple for my tables. This one I placed in an old silver pitcher that I already had and it fit perfect!

I love when things work out like that..don't you?!

I also wanted to share some french looking towels that I picked up at an estate sale about a month ago. There was a closet full of linens and I purchased this stack for $2.00. The twine was a little more at $4.00 but I really liked the way it looked. 

Have you scored any great deals lately? I would love to know. I am flying out on Friday to Dallas and hope to find a few more fun finds to share with you soon. 
Hope your weekend is full of sunshine!
Thanks for coming by

March 22, 2012

Spring is Here

Oh how I love Spring...Next to Fall its my favorite time of the year!
The birds, the flowers, new growth everywhere...LOVE.

Sorry my posts have been almost non existent lately. I have had some unexpected medical stuff come up and have been dealing with doctors and appts for weeks now...not my idea of fun..ugh!!
I have an endoscopy scheduled for next week and would appreciate your prayers. I know my God is in control whatever the results. 

In better news, I am also flying up to Dallas next week to spend a week with my sis in law! This I am super excited about. Did I mention she lives only 20 min. from Canton and its First Monday Trade Days?? I know......Woohoo!! 

This is supposed to be a working trip for me but we decided two days at Canton would be a nice way to start out the week..don't you agree?!
Hoping to find some goodies and share some pics with you when I return. 

My daughter informed me that we only have eight Saturdays until the wedding....8 people!! 
Almost every Saturday in April is booked with showers, bachelorette parties (yes I'm going) and pictures. Super exciting stuff!! I think this is my vacation before it starts getting crazy around here..haha!

Hoping Spring finds you and yours enjoying these gorgeous days!!

You're the best..really you are!!

March 14, 2012

Showered with Love

Well we are loving having some time off from school around here. 
Spring Break is here and we are enjoying not having to be anywhere or do much of anything. 
The weather is beautiful and I can definately feel spring in the air. 
Last Saturday was not the case though...rainy and cold, felt more like winter around here. 
We had a beautiful shower for my daughter and the weather did not seem to keep anyone away. 
My family traveled here from Austin and many local friends and family showed up to shower our sweet bride with love! We were truly humbled and had a wonderful day filled with laughter, love, and lots of good food.

 Love, laughter and Happily Ever After..
May all your dreams come true sweet girl!
We are officially on the countdown now...about 2 months to go!!

Thank you to all who take the time to leave a's like hearing from sweet girlfriends.

March 9, 2012

Bakery Sign

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it seems life has a way of keeping me very busy these days. 
I miss stopping in at all of your blogs and keeping up with the fun things you are creating.
I have not had a lot of time to work on projects myself lately so when hubby was home last week and I mentioned that I would like to have a new sign for my dining room and he said "let's whip one up real quick" I was soooo happy!  I ran to get my supplies together before he found something else to work on.

We started with an old board I had in the garage
A friend of mine gave me several of these for future signs...thank you mucho! here is where I will confess that I started this post several days ago and realized all the pics I took for this post were in video form ( I need a camera intervention)  Ugggh!
So I will just walk you through the steps and show you the finished project..K??

I used ASCP in Old White and lightly drybrushed
I googled Pottery Barn fonts and typed in the word "Bakery". 
Hubby drew the word on the board freehand (yes, he is good like that)
I filled in with black craft paint and used some Old White to shadow the word giving it more definition.
A little distressing and voila!!

Whatcha think??
Notice the pink poms hanging from the ceiling?? No, I haven't gone that crazy yet...I am preparing for a wedding shower at my home for my sweet girl. Don't you just love pink!!
I have had so much fun making it feel so girly and pink for her special day. I look forward to showing you more pics next week!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

March 5, 2012

Pantry Makeover

A little overwhelmed..
Do you ever feel like this? 
Whew...a wedding, showers, graduations, pictures, so much on the calendar and it is all starting 
to close in on me. I do love it and its very exciting but I spend most of my days trying to figure
out what the next thing is on the list.
Deep breath....

I finally got around to taking some pantry pictures (new battery yay!!).
I did a pantry makeover in our last home and decided why not do it again. 
There is something so fun about opening up a pantry door and having some color and labels
staring back at you...sigh!
I know I'm weird but it makes me happy, so why not?!

Here is a before:
I started removing food before painting and remembered I needed to take a before pic..(so bad about forgetting this step)

Here are the afters..

I love to store my snacks in glass jars
It makes it so much easier to see what we have

An old ice cream bucket and white ironstone for a little decor
I am too short to reach the top shelf so why not decorate it!

Thanks for stopping in and as always I appreciate all the comments you leave me!
You girls always know how to make me feel good.
Shower pictures coming soon..
Have a great Monday!