July 27, 2011

Transforming a Room (or Two)

I had the opportunity to do some work for a very sweet friend of mine today.
This has been a long time coming seeing as though I started this at least a couple months ago.
Life gets in the way sometimes and things come up so it took me a little longer that expected but I can say with a big sigh..IT'S DONE!!
I had so much fun transforming her spaces into something warm and inviting for her whole family.
Thanks for the opportunity my sweet friend and I wish you nothing but sweet memories in your new spaces!

Let's take a look at where we began...

And let's check it out after..
I had much better lighting later in the day

Next room..I called this the reading room

After.. (yes, this is the same room)

A mantel


Kitchen Before.. These cabinets were a standard brown builder cabinet we had them painted a creamy white instead, it really brightened up this kitchen!


Living Room
Before.. (This is the only pic I have)


I know that was a ton of pictures and if your still with me..thanks! This was truly a labor of love but definately worth every minute! 
Going to grab me a shower..I'm pooped!!

Happy Decorating my Friends!

July 23, 2011

I Can Do All Things

I was inspired by Love of Family and Home to make this cute sign for my home.
It is a very simple project and takes a short amount of time.
I didn't want to spend any money so this project was perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon at home.

I found this piece of wood left over in the garage from the child's armoire chalkboard I finished. If you didn't see the before and after go check it out.

Anywho...I started by cutting out my verse using my handy Cricut Machine and laying out the letters to make sure it was going to fit on my board

Next I painted the board with two coats of black Satin paint and let completely dry

Then it was time to add the verse
I layed out the letters again to make sure I had the spacing right and glued each one using a small paint brush and Elmers glue

I used some sand paper to lightly distress the edges and gave it a coat of Mod Podge and let it dry

Here she is perched on the shelf in my living room

I love this verse and need to be reminded of this daily!
Thank you to Tonja over at Love of Family and Home for inspiring me to make this darling sign. If you haven't checked out her blog please go by and say hello!

Have a wonderful weekend!

July 20, 2011

Getting Away and Getting Married

Isn't it nice to escape the madness of your everyday routine for some different madness!
My cousins daughter got married this last weekend and we took off to help her celebrate her big day.
My mom, daughter, her fiance and my youngest packed up and headed out for a fun and HOT weekend!
The wedding was beautiful, and did I mention HOT! It was outside in a beautiful courtyard area and surrounded by her friends and family they started their lives together! 
He has joined the military so his basics will begin in a few short weeks and then they will be relocated..I know this will be hard because they are so young and have never been away from home but sometimes that's the best way to start your married life!
Congrats to you Lindsey and Manny!

The guys played golf on Saturday and the girls hung out at the pool..this would normally be a great thing but I got so sunburned (yes I wore sunscreen) but did not reapply...we won't go there...
It hurts people..and in some areas that NEVER see the sun! 
I googled remedies for sunburn and would you believe that vinegar helps to relieve sunburn pain?? Who would have known??
I put it on the other night before going to bed and when hubby came to bed he said it smelled like pickles!!
Ha...we had a good laugh..but it works!!

We had a great weekend and it just brought it home how fast my daughters wedding is coming upon us!
We are well on our way to getting the plans finalized and got a few more things done in the last couple of days..I know it will be here before we know it!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures I snapped, I'm never good at taking pictures when I am away because I am enjoying the moment but in hindsight wish I had taken more..ugh!

Hope your day is beautiful and blessed!!

July 12, 2011

Revamp a Lamp..Pottery Barn Style

Wow..it's been one of those crazy weird weeks for me, please tell me you have these occassionally too?? 
Not long after my last post we got a call from our realtor letting us know that we were receiving an offer on our home..yippee!! It wasn't a bad offer but we felt it could have been a little better.  We slept on it and called our realtor the next morning and just as she was going to present our counter offer they called to say they had changed their minds and decided on a new construction home..ugh!!
So here we are back at the drawing board waiting for our next prospective buyer. We know this was no surprise to the Lord and wait for his perfect will and timing!

I had a chance to check out our local thrift store over the weekend and found this glass lamp.
How many times have you seen these at Goodwill and passed them by??
Well for $3 I could not..

I started by taking the lamp apart and taping up the areas that I did not want to get paint on
I used RustOleum Primer and the beloved Heirloom White

Yes, that is the PB catalog underneath the lamp..love!

This was the most tedious part...

Now for a shade...While shopping for a client at my favorite store (PB Outlet) I found the perfect lampshade for this jewel in the rough

Don't you love it?!!
It was only $19.97

Here she is all put together..

Doesn't it have a cottage or beachy look..

I think it would look cute with some shells, moss or book pages inside the glass..
Well what do you think..not bad for $27!
I love to hear from you, leave me a comment!!

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July 10, 2011

A Childs Armoire..Part Two

I hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!
I had a wonderful morning praising my Savior and came home to a yummy pot roast waiting for me (crock pots..gotta love em')
We also had a showing today and I think it went really well..praying!!

I did a previous post on a childs armoire that I had been working on and gave you a few teaser pics before I finished it..well I finally finished it and it is going to be going back to its original home this week.
Let's take a look back and see just how far this little girl has come..

Dirt, dust, layers of old paint and some critter droppings...this had been in a covered barn area for sometime so she was in need of some TLC!!

Getting there....


Does that look like a palm tree?? haha..

I love how the little basket looks as a drawer
I added a chalkboard to both the inside and the outside door

This project was definately a labor of love! 

What do you think??

Can't wait to show you my new/old lamp project! 
Have a blessed day my friends

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July 6, 2011

Old Bed/New Look

I hope everyone had a wonderful fun filled Fourth of July! 
We celebrated with hot dogs,cokes and a little baseball watching. All the American things!!

We did a little bed rearranging in our house last week....Doesn't everyone do this??
The look of the bed I loved, the color not so much!

Nothing that a little Chalk Paint won't fix!
I used the Old White and it took two coats to cover this black

This is how she turned out...

So girlie..I love it!
The blue Shabby Chic bedding is from Target and the Cream Matalasse coverlet was found on the sale rack at Pottery Barn outlet for a steal at $19.97!
Did I mention I love PB?!
Isn't it amazing how a little paint can transform something!

Have a blessed day my friends!

July 1, 2011

New Chairs

One of the perks about shopping for clients is that you can sometimes find some really great deals when you aren't looking for them. On a recent trip out I stopped by a local discount store and found two fabulous chairs that I fell in LOVE with immediately!
I have seen chairs very similiar to these in Restoration Hardware but the price tag was way out of my budget!

When I spotted the price on these I had the man carry them to the front and load them up for me! Yippee!!

They are a light linen color and the wood grain is identical to the RH chair!

I originally purchased them to go at the ends of my dining room table but thought they might end up very dirty. For now they look great at the ends of this old drop leaf table behind my couch.

I love how feminine and sophisticated they look!

In other news, I have been super busy around here working and dealing with the everyday life stuff that comes along. Our oldest son broke his leg in a weird accident at camp. After a long day working I made a 4 hour drive (roundtrip) to pick him up and bring him back. I was pooped! He is doing fine! He turns 17 today and wanted to go back for his birthday so off we sent him in a HUGE boot and crutches. I know "mom of the year"! haha
We had our first showing a couple of days ago and received great feedback! We are praying they make an offer soon and trusting the Lord for that decision.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

See ya soon..I have almost finished the childs armoire..hunting for a basket that fits!