May 9, 2012

Popping In

I just wanted to stop in and say "HI" to all my sweet readers.
I can see a light at the end of this wedding tunnel and we are looking forward to this day with much anticipation!!

In the middle of all this fun we had a senior prom and a bachelorette party...woohoo!!

He took a college girl this year (a good friend) and we had to give him a hard time about it! Did I mention he is counting the days to graduation?!!
They had a wonderful night and I needed a nap the next day after waiting up for him!

Bachelorette party was the next thing on the agenda.
She kept it small with her bridesmaids and their mommas. We spent the night downtown at a very nice hotel, had lunch on the riverwalk, layed out at the pool and went to some fun places that night. We aren't big "party" people but we had a ton of laughs and did get scolded by the hotel for having too much fun and laughing to loud!! It was a night I'm sure she will always remember!

My girl and her best friend/maid of honor.
Fun, fun times!

My future son in law graduates tomorrow night with his engineering degree and we are so proud of him! All that hard work has paid off. Another busy night on the schedule...did someone say summer vacation??

Thanks for stopping in my friends. May the Lord bless your week!


  1. Goodness girl, you are one busy woman. Savor it all..soak it in...and then sleep!!!

  2. What beautiful photos, such a lovely family! Enjoy all these special times, they are so very precious!

  3. Thank you LaurieAnna, you are so sweet! They pass way too fast my friend. I will see you soon and can't wait to see the new space!!