August 16, 2012

Decorating with Old Doors

I love the look of an old door.
The history, the chipping paint, the old rusty knobs. The stories that have been told behind these doors, the secrets within their walls. The amount of time they have been opened and closed and the many hands that have turned the knobs to welcome a friend or close someone out in silence. They have so much character and even in their vintage state can still be used for so many creative ideas. 

This one was taken from an old family farmhouse. I love the old porcelain knob and the keyhole. 

I gave it a good cleaning and moved her inside.
She now stands behind my new secretary piece in my bedroom. 
(I will share more on the secretary desk in another post)

I love the charm old doors bring to a room. This one is quite large and I think a pretty chandelier would look great over this desk. What do you think??

Do you love old doors? Pinterest has so many ideas and creative uses for them. So many in fact that I have a whole board dedicated to them. Go check it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! The weather seems to be a little cooler in the mornings and I am so excited for Fall to get here. 


  1. Yes, Ma'am! Very beautiful! You got a great picture, but seeing it in person was even better! Loved our 'little' chat tonight! Can't wait for our newest barn sale vendors to meet you, one of our veteran vendors! Rachel asked me tonight if she could be one of your booth buddies! :) So how does being beside Principessa sound?

  2. I LOVE old windows and doors. A chandelier would be perfect. I looked for your pinterest, must be blind, couldn't find!

  3. What a great old door. I love them and buy them whenever I can find them at a reasonable price. Funny, how you used to be able to find them discarded from a remodel, but now they're such a hot commodity thans to antiquers and Pinterest that I sort of "hoard" mine instead of selling them!
    Looking forward to seeing you at the Barn Sale this fall.

  4. Such a beautiful old door. And, did I read correctly that it was from a family farmhouse of your family? So cool

    I have probably way too many old doors in my house, but I do love the statement they make.