November 8, 2011

Forgotten Clock

Hey girls!
I had a great weekend at the Barn Show and it was a huge success!!
I had so much fun getting to meet vendors, fellow bloggers and visiting with so many friends, both new and old.
I am already looking forward to next years show and I think I'm even getting a bigger space..woohoo

I did make one mistake though..
I didn't take one picture! I know...I guess I was too busy prepping, talking and working that I didn't take the time. There was a professional photographer there and I am hoping that I can get a few from her.

Anyways..I have had this clock face sitting on a shelf in my booth and couldn't believe noone had purchased it.
I spent some time rearranging for Christmas and decided to bring it home and find something creative to do with it.

I took the back off because it wasn't working anyway

And found a new use for something that didn't work!

A base for a pretty lantern..

A tray in the bathroom

I think it would also make a great tabletop.
 I love new uses for something that doesn't work.
And it all started with a little forgotten clock.

Hoping you have a fabulous Wednesday!!


  1. I love the clock and what a cute idea as a tray! Good thinkin! ~Elizabeth

  2. Hi it's Betsy of Sisters' Treasures (your neighbor at the Barn Sale). I was going back through your blogs and I was thinking "why didn't I see that great clock face?" Wow, it's beautiful and I love how you repurposed it!