December 4, 2011

A Grain Sack Stool

Is it just me or do the days just pass way to quickly?
I can't believe we are several days into December. The house is decorated and most of my shopping is done. How about you?

I found a cute little stool and some grain sack looking material at the antique store last week to recover it.
I doubled the material and stapled to the existing torn fabric. 
I used my blue painters tape and taped off lines to resemble the french grain sack look.

Remove the tape and your done!

I thought about painting the legs white but for now I love how it looks well loved!

It's amazing what a little paint and fabric can do to transform something!
Are you finished decorating yet, shopping done..?

Hope your Monday is a beautiful one..we're expecting lots of rain and cold weather, feels alot like Christmas.

I am partying with this girl this week..


1 comment:

  1. Very nice - I always mean to do something like that! Did you use fabric paint? There's also a great site that I found called Maison de Stencils and they have a whole host of Grain Sack stencils that you can use to resemble the ones that have writing on them (which I know you've seen).

    I just followed your blog - perhaps you could do the same and follow mice!

    Your family seems so nice - congratualtions to your daughter re gradustion and her upcoming wedding!

    Merry Christmas...Linda