March 5, 2012

Pantry Makeover

A little overwhelmed..
Do you ever feel like this? 
Whew...a wedding, showers, graduations, pictures, so much on the calendar and it is all starting 
to close in on me. I do love it and its very exciting but I spend most of my days trying to figure
out what the next thing is on the list.
Deep breath....

I finally got around to taking some pantry pictures (new battery yay!!).
I did a pantry makeover in our last home and decided why not do it again. 
There is something so fun about opening up a pantry door and having some color and labels
staring back at you...sigh!
I know I'm weird but it makes me happy, so why not?!

Here is a before:
I started removing food before painting and remembered I needed to take a before pic..(so bad about forgetting this step)

Here are the afters..

I love to store my snacks in glass jars
It makes it so much easier to see what we have

An old ice cream bucket and white ironstone for a little decor
I am too short to reach the top shelf so why not decorate it!

Thanks for stopping in and as always I appreciate all the comments you leave me!
You girls always know how to make me feel good.
Shower pictures coming soon..
Have a great Monday!


  1. Love the blue and white! Great idea using the jars for snacks. Great post! Hugs

  2. LOve the pantry makeover. I love how you used all the chalkboard jars and then added a little decor to the top shelf. I am envious as I do not have a walk in pantry like that. Dreaming....
    Have a wonderful week