March 22, 2012

Spring is Here

Oh how I love Spring...Next to Fall its my favorite time of the year!
The birds, the flowers, new growth everywhere...LOVE.

Sorry my posts have been almost non existent lately. I have had some unexpected medical stuff come up and have been dealing with doctors and appts for weeks now...not my idea of fun..ugh!!
I have an endoscopy scheduled for next week and would appreciate your prayers. I know my God is in control whatever the results. 

In better news, I am also flying up to Dallas next week to spend a week with my sis in law! This I am super excited about. Did I mention she lives only 20 min. from Canton and its First Monday Trade Days?? I know......Woohoo!! 

This is supposed to be a working trip for me but we decided two days at Canton would be a nice way to start out the week..don't you agree?!
Hoping to find some goodies and share some pics with you when I return. 

My daughter informed me that we only have eight Saturdays until the wedding....8 people!! 
Almost every Saturday in April is booked with showers, bachelorette parties (yes I'm going) and pictures. Super exciting stuff!! I think this is my vacation before it starts getting crazy around here..haha!

Hoping Spring finds you and yours enjoying these gorgeous days!!

You're the best..really you are!!


  1. I do pray your tests go well.

    Funny thing...I will be at the flea market next week also with my friend Becky from Buckets of Burlap. My daughters and are going to Louisiana for a week. Cannot wait! I hope you have a great time but make sure you don't buy all the good stuff.

  2. Good luck with the endoscopy! I had one recently and it was easy! I hope the results are good news! Plan on taking a nice nap after the scope. Keep us posted.