April 11, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

Happy Wednesday!
It's that time of the year when my boys are so ready to be out of school. Especially my oldest who has some serious senioritis! We are counting down the days till the end. These beautiful days make it even harder but the mom in me wants to slow it all down..(sigh).

While I was away at my sis in laws home last week I did a little redecorating for her. When they bought this house it was only a couple years old and the previous owners had put alot of extras into it that my sis did not appreciate. Very taste specific shall we say?


Very grainy pic (sorry) but you get the idea. Sorry if I have offended any cedar lovers but Wow thats a little too much going on there. 

We're getting there...


New paint, new curtains, new table, new light fixture, new look!!
She was working on painting the baseboards when I left and still needs to find a few more chairs but the transformation is so much better..don't you agree??

Her hubby's dad owned a general store many years ago and he still had this sign and wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the house. Those framed documents are old receipts from that same store. (She is replacing the old frames)

This little corner needed a little light.

We spent a little money on some new chairs, a light fixture, and curtains but tried to use some of what she had on hand. I think its a great improvement and it feels so much cleaner and simpler. When I go back in June we will work on it again..whew!

I have more pics to share of other rooms so I hope you will come back and check them out.
Have a beautiful day!!


  1. Wow! What a great difference. How fun for you two to get to "play" together like that and fix up her home. Can't wait to see more.

    LOVE that sign!!!

    Hope you are doing well.

  2. I LOVE it already!! It's beautiful! Great job ladies!

  3. so light and beautiful..LOVE it! my husband and i just bought our first house and i can't wait to start everything from scratch c: thank you for the wonderful ideas!