April 16, 2012

Laughs and a Room Makeover

Shower number two is in the books and boy was it great fun! 
It was a lingerie shower and at the end of the day my jaws hurt so bad from laughing so much. 
What a hoot these girls are!!
One more shower to go and then we are on the one month countdown.

A few pics..

Darling cake

The bridesmaids

Lots of pink!!

I love girl time and these girls definately made it a fun day!

I also wanted to share with you another room that I worked on at my sisters house.
This is a guest room so it isn't used much but can be seen from the living room so it needed to look pretty.
I wanted it to have a Ralph Lauren feel to it and think I achieved that look by using several things she owned already.



We are going to replace the ceiling fan in the room on the next visit.
I love how this room feels. So warm and comfortable. 
Doesn't it look so much better and lived in?!

Hoping your day is blessed!
Thank you for stopping in and I always love hearing from you. 


  1. That cake is something else! Were the feathers on a boa just surrounding the cake? And your room makeovers are amazing - what a huge difference great decor and your personal touches make!

  2. Cute cake! The room restyle is gorgeous!!

  3. It DOES have a RL look to it. GREAT job!!!

  4. Tiff, love the cute cake and REALLY love the room makeover! Hope you have a great time this last month!

  5. THe room is just lovely and so warm and inviting! Ana