September 7, 2012

A Simple White Guest Room

Happy Friday!!
I wish we had four day weeks every week don't you??
I so enjoyed that extra day.

In my last post I eluded to the fact that I did a little guest room makeover when I visited my sis in law last weekend. I have been working on her home in pieces every time I visit and we are close to finishing up. It has been so much fun to shop and decorate her new home and I am humbled that she lets me do it. 

I do not have any before pics of this room but just imagine bare walls and nothing in it....a blank canvas! Just the way I like it.


This chippy table was found in Georgia when they lived in Tennessee. 
Tool caddy and old window was in her barn, we just cleaned them up and brought them in. 
All the small pieces she had in a closet just waiting to be used.

Chest was found locally for $15 and the mirror we found at a small shop for $5!
Horse was found at LaurieAnnas.

Dug the box out of a closet and added accessories (also from LaurieAnnas)

The bed and bedding was all found at IKEA.
     Horse pics were also hers.
 They live on twenty acres and her hubby ropes so I tried to mix a little bit feminine with a little bit rustic. I think they marry well don't you??

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


  1. What a beautiful job you did. The room looks just perfect. The horse you got from LaurieAnna's is so great.

  2. I love the simple white guestroom. I've done our guestroom similar with just a punch of vintage aqua here and their... I find it very peaceful and restful. Great job! Dixie

  3. Just plain beautiful.. Great job. Have a great weekend..

  4. Tiff, you are very talented. It's beautiful.

  5. The room is beautiful and that wooden horse, I love! Glad I came over! Feel free to use the post, "Facebook or Faithbook?" I am currently wrestling with Pinterest! Have a great week! Christie

  6. I love how you fixed up this room. I'm in love with that wonderful chippy table! Just my style.
    Mary Alice

  7. I'm a lover of white anything and
    this room is perfect....
    Happy Fall

  8. What a beautiful guest room. I love it and I can only imagine your sister-in-laws does too.

  9. I could seriously move into that room, and be very happy! :). Love it!!