September 12, 2012

Fall and Finds

Hello my friends!
Hope your enjoying your cooler days and evenings. Fall is certainly in the air.

I have been busy working on several projects for an upcoming Barn Sale that I will be participating in. If you would like any info and your in the Texas area please check out my side bar.
I have also had a little time to decorate for the fall. I promised I would show you a few things I picked up while in Canton with my sis in law so I thought I would show you how I used them in my fall decor.

The wood tool caddy was found in my sis in laws barn and she gave it to me!
I can see many uses for this in the future!

Greenery and white pumpkins were found at LaurieAnnas.

This is by far my favorite thing I brought back!! An old meat market scale. 
This was in my sisters attic when they moved in..I know its crazy what people will leave behind!
She had it sitting in her garage and said it was too big for her table and asked if I wanted to bring it home..ugh YES!!
Thank you sis, I love you!

Just a few fall pics...

Mercury glass from PB outlet for $4.99
PB pine cones found at GW for $1.99 

That tin was also found at LaurieAnnas and hangs from a goodwill lamp I found. I just removed the glass and added candles.

I love fall, its my favorite time of year!
Have you started decorating for fall yet? Is it cool where you live? I'm so jealous!

Have a blessed week!
Thank you so much to all my new friends for leaving a comment. I read everyone and it makes my day!

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  1. Oh My Goodness!!! That scale is gorgeous!!! What a great gift!!!!

    I love all of your fall decor. I bought the same greenery from LaurieAnna's and love the way it looks.

  2. I LOVE your scale....... I just bought one SATURDAY but it's a little larger I love it too I put it NFS

  3. What is PB outlet? I would love some mercury glass.