December 5, 2010

Coffee Filter Wreath

I finally made one and I loooove it!!

What  is it you ask?? A coffee filter wreath!! I first saw this on The Nester (a blog I follow) and thought wow that is sooo pretty. I wonder if its just as pretty as the picture?? It is!! I walked through the steps as best I could (not good at tutorials) if you would like to attempt this. I promise you will love all the ruffly goodness!!

I loooove it!!

What you need:
2 packs of coffee filters (i used cheap ones from Target)
Styrofoam wreath ( Hobby Lobby-white one)
Glue gun and glue sticks


This is actually the second step (fold again)

Fold once (careful not to fold the top, that is the fluffy part)

Fold again (third time)

I cut mine off a little at the bottom and put a band of glue on it before applying

Half way through (I know time consuming)

Done! Isn't she a beauty!! Seriously I look at it everytime I walk by it!

I hung with a ribbon and used straight pins stuck into the styrofoam. Loooove...did I already say that? Sorry..
That's go get started!!

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