December 4, 2010

Pottery Barn Deals

Hello girls, I hope you have all had a great week! I am so thankful that the weekend is here. Nothing planned (I am gonna give that filter wreath a try) this weekend!

Yesterday my daughter asked if we could go to the outlet malls since it was her day off. Of course she had to twist my arm...NOT!! I love going there and their just happens to be this wonderful place called THE POTTERY BARN OUTLET (Be still my heart)!! It really is so dreamy and with things marked down a little lower than the stores, you can find some bargains here, and I DID!

 A little history first....I had been in a Goodwill about 1 month ago and found this beautiful curtain (just one) upon further inspection I found a tag that said Pottery Barn. WHAT?? No wonder it drew me in..I bought it for a steal $1.99 and took it home and put it in the closet. I was planning on making some pillows or cutting it down for smaller curtains because I love the fabric. Oh no the curtain fairies had bigger plans for it!!

Ok fast forward to yesterday..I was rummaging around in the odd and end bin (yes they have one if you look for it) and found a matching curtain!! I know..its crazy!! I wanted to jump and squeal with excitement but I did not. Can you believe not one other person was looking in this bin?? What is wrong with people?? Well yes I bought it and it matches perfectly with the other one!! Turns out its the Peyton Drape (fully lined). It however was $14.97 but for the two it cost me about $16.00. Not bad for some Pottery Barn curtains!

I then was looking through the furniture and sitting underneath another table was this little black beauty. I had been looking for a round coffee table and when I saw her and her price I was smitten! I called hubby and asked if I could have her for Christmas and he said sure if you want it get it! What sold me you asked...the price tag..It was marked for $350.00, marked down to $49.97!! WHAT!!!  The guy that came over to help me said it had some paint chipped off on the edge ( this is why I loved it) and so that was why it was marked down. SOLD!

It was a good day at the outlet!! Here are a couple of pics of my bargains for the day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'm going to work on my coffee filter wreath and let you know how it turns out!


The bargain bin...yes I made that mess!!

They match!!

Sorry did not get a pic of the price tag..the check out guy took it from me and he would have thought I was a little weird if I had asked to take a pic of it..

Isn't she pretty??
Sorry for the long post..can you feel my excitement!!

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