December 22, 2010

Felt Flower Pins

Well today I was inspired to do some kind of not a Christmas craft, more of something for me! I have seen these cute little flower pins in a few stores and just love them! Added to a sweater, jacket or a hat I think they are adorable. I saw an old post on another blog about making them (if you know the blog let me know I want to give them credit) and thought I want to try that. They turned out sooo cute and I can't wait to wear them (not all together) just thought I should clear that up.

Here is what you will need:
A flower template (I made my own) 5 petals
Glue gun
Felt (one piece will do 1 rosette)

That's it..let's get started!

Cut a template..I just freehanded mine

Cut 7 pieces from your felt square and 1 circle (this will be the base)

Fold in half twice and snip the end off to make it flat

Hot glue onto the base around the edge first and then the middle

After all 7 have been glued turn it over and glue your pin on the back

The finished product! Snip the ends to even it up if you would like

I made all 5 of these in a short amount of time and it cost me about $1.00 a piece

Added to a cute black sweater! Loove it!!

Just adds a little extra to a simple jacket..
I hope you have been inspired to make something pretty!! Have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Hey, I'm glad you stopped by my blog, I love new visitors. I must say after seeing your way too cute blog that we might just be kindred spirits girlfriend. Hahaha. I have been wanting to make some of those felt flowers that you did so beautifully, and I also made a coffee filter wreath this year. Too funny! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! Hope you get to make some fun pins and check back when you can! Isn't the coffee filter wreath the prettiest?? Love it. Merry Christmas!

  3. Im going to have to try to make one of those flowers!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Im following you! Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas Heather..thanks for following and I look forward to your posts! The flowers are super cute and I have gotten lots of compliments on them..Enjoy!

  5. I love pretty and simple! You need to sell them!

  6. This will be my next project- the red is perfect for a pop of color during dreary winter days. Thanks for stopping by