June 21, 2011

A Childs Armoire

I'm back!!
Sorry I have been missing in action lately..I have several projects going then work calls and I must drop everything and shift my focus!

I have been working on this childs armoire for several months now and I have finally made some head way...can I get an Amen!  The heat is terrible, so I have been working in the evenings in the garage but it's still so darn hot!!

 I am obviously not finished yet but wanted to show you where she started and where she is at now..

Let's look at her before

She was a mix of green/tan/white with old paint peeling off
It took me awhile to get her sanded down..ugh

The inside was just as bad! I think at some points mice lived in here..yuck! Ask me how I know??
The door front is some particle board that was cracked and I removed it to reveal a solid piece in between
It still has a crack so I am going to get a thin board cut at Home Depot to put over the front and inside.
Paint in chalkboard paint and it will look great in a childs room or kitchen!

Here is as far as I have gotten

Three coats of paint later 
One coat of stain
Two coats of wax
Some sanding
Whew...she's getting closer...

I am still trying to decide on knobs..hmmm
The drawer at the top can either be a dummy drawer or I can replace it with a cute basket, what do you think??

I will show you her after pics as soon as she is finished..hopefully soon!!
Back to work tomorrow and I am also working on painting a bed..did I mention it's hot here??
Have a wonderful Tuesday peeps!!

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  1. It's looking good, Tiffani! All that work is paying off. I think a basket or wicker tray would be terrific in the top drawer slot. Can't wait to see it finished. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage