June 6, 2011

Plant Markers

Wow, it's a hot one here in Texas!!
Summer has officially begun in our home and not one of my kids is around..(crickets chirping)
My daughter is still in nursing school (no break for her)
Oldest son left for camp yesterday to lifeguard for the summer and youngest is staying with his grandparents for a few days
It's super quiet around these parts..
So what's a girl to do when she has nothing but time on her hands...well create something of course!

I have had these small picture frames sitting in a drawer knowing some day I would find something to do with them..

I had some wooden plant markers and attached to the back with the trusty E6000 glue

Next I spray painted using Krylon's Pink Ballet Slipper and Blue Ocean Breeze

While these were drying, I painted the frame inserts with the trusty old Chalkboard Paint

Waited for it all to dry (not long) and reassembled with some pretty ribbon for a little extra fun!
Who doesn't like a little extra fun!!
It's summer!!!

Wouldn't these be fun in a pot of sand at a picnic or a party!!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer
No go forth and create!!

I'll be partying over at DIY Design!!

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