February 18, 2012

25 Things

Some of the blogs I visit regularly are doing a 25 things post. 
Random things about yourself that help everyone get to know you a little better.
This is a stretch for me but I thought I would give it a try..


1. I have eaten enough chocolate in the last week to last me several months
2. I finished a pantry makeover but haven't brought myself to get the pictures taken so I can get them on here..my camera needs batteries
3. I am preparing for a wedding shower in my home in about 3 weeks
4. I am going on a ladies retreat next week and I am excited/nervous all at the same time
5. I am picking up my sis in law on Tues and making a trip up to Canton for a couple of days...super excited
6. I am so proud of my kids, I cried last week and thanked God for them..my cup overflows!
7. My daughter gets married in 3 months..I feel like I should be doing something
8. I have blog obsession..seriously!
9. I want to go to Blissdom next year..even if its by myself
10. I have spring fever 
11. I bought two new magazines this week (Country Home and Country Living) they are old but still sooo good!
12. I'm having girl time in less than 3 days (see #5) Giddy!!
13. I started reading my bible at the beginning of the year and have only missed a few days since
14. I love thrifting
15. Looking for a new rug
16. I just had more M&Ms..problem..jus sayin
17. I miss having close girlfriends
18. Senior pics this week for my son..we have rescheduled twice because of rain
19. I am loving the color blue lately and want it in my new rug
20. I respect my man...alot!
21. I went junkin this week and bought silver..again
22. Does anyone else watch Heartland on TV?? I love that show!
23. My daughter and her fiance are coming for dinner tomorrow night, I'm making Pioneer Woman's Lasagna
24. I found a lipstick I love today..thanks Revlon
25. Saying your sorry doesn't mean your wrong, it just means you value that person more than being right. 

I hope you have a blessed Sunday!
I will be back to show you the pantry soon....need batteries for that camera.
Thanks for stopping in..I love your comments so feel free to leave me one!


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  2. I enjoyed reading your 25 things. Isn't it amazing how you can learn so much about a person's heart by 25 random things? I'm going to do this myself. You sound like the kind of person I would love to call friend!

  3. Nice 25 things!! Have fun on your girl trip! And by all means eat more chocolate!!

  4. Tiff - you have a great list! I was wondering if anything would surprise me,but I think all 25 sound like you to me! I'd add #26. you're the best hugger in the world!
    love you, sweet friend!

  5. Thank you Tracy! I forgot about that one..at church the women ask me for a hug because they say it feels so warm..sweet women! Thanks for saying that. Love ya too!

  6. This was alot of fun reading so much about you. I feel like I know you so much better now. I love the last line item about saying your sorry. I'll have to remember that whenever it feels painful to say. Ha! Your son and my son must be close in age. My son is a senior this year. I can relate to your chocolate consumption too. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

  7. I always love reading things like this because it helps me get to know someone better.

    Hope Canton is fun and that you are blessed beyond measure at the ladies retreat.


  8. Great to know some things about you! Just stopping by to let you know that I'm now your official 4rth follower in bloglovin'! (except GFC)! We'll stay in touch!
    Love, Olga