February 2, 2012

Table Talk

Good Thursday morning!
It's so dreary out it makes me want to crawl back under the covers.
Sorry I have been missing this week, no excuse really except for the day to day routine of running a home.

I have been working on this table and chairs for what seems like for-eva!
I bought it from a friend of mine and it sat in my garage collecting dust and waiting for a little lovin from me.

This is a solid wood set! Heavy and well made. 
I love the backs on these chairs, they don't make them like this anymore. 
Do you see the dust? I had my work cut out for me.
The best part was that at some point someone was going to refinish this so almost every bit of sanding was done for me..can I get a woohoo?!

This is halfway finished with the table stained.
I painted the chairs and the base of the table with a Behr paint (w/the primer) love this stuff!!
Used a walnut stain on top and finished with wax.

Sorry I could not get a great pic in the garage and this little beauty is too heavy to move!
I have already sold this set and she moves on to her new home this weekend.
Time for the next project..
I know you get that!

Have a great Thursday
Don't feel bad about getting back under those covers..I would!


  1. that turned out great! i love the white, it's so refreshing :) what's the trim you used around the rim of the table?

    1. Thank you lindsay! The trim is actually part of the wood on the table, that was a bonus! Glad you stopped in.

  2. Your table looks wonderful! I want to do that to my farm table and paint my chairs a nice white! thanks for the inspiration!

    That Beverly @ Glory B's is quite a gal isn't she. I just adore her and all her treasure! Thanks for stopping by French Lique!

    good hunting!

  3. I love what you did to this table! Such a marvelous improvement! :)