November 29, 2010

A Book Wreath

Okay I have wanted to make one of these book wreaths for awhile now and this last weekend I finally did it! Yeah me!! I have seen these all over blog land and a friend of mine made one so I thought I would give it a try. I really like how it turned out and I'm not a big crafter but this really looked easy and pretty.

If you have made one of these and are thinking that was so yesterday then sorry but I'm a little slow getting started on this whole craft thing. I love to decorate but crafting is a little different for me..anywho..

So here we go:

You will need:
Glue or glue gun (I used Elmers)
Old book (I used an old hymnal i found thrifting for free)
Glitter (I used some white I had)
Spray adhesive (I used a clear coat spray paint)
Round base or styrofoam ring (I used an old fall candle ring)
Total cost: FREE (I already had everything) I love using what I have!!


A plastic ring. Wrap your book sheets and wrap ends around the ring and glue

Continue working your way around until you fill it up

I did about 4 layers until it looked full. I sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled glitter on (I know it's hard to see)

Finished..ta dah!! I like how it turned out! 
There are so many variations of this same project so just have fun and be creative!! Thanks Amy for the inspiration!! I will try the white one next..I'll let you know how that one turns out soon. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Tiff, this turned out lovely! I have not made one yet, but I've got the itch! By the way, I think you are VERY crafty in a decorating kind of way :)

    working on making it Christmas...

  2. Thanks Tracy!! I don't know about the crafty but it was fun to try something different. Hope your doing good, I plan on coming by on Saturday to see ya'll at the show.

  3. you did it! and it looks fantastic!

  4. Thanks Lissa, I am expanding my craftiness!

  5. What a GREAT job! I'm ready for a fun craft!
    Have a pretty day!~