May 18, 2011

Birthday Weeks

I love birthdays..don't you?? I'm just glad I still get to have them!
Hubby always jokes that mine lasts for a week every year..Ha! One day just isn't enough to celebrate!

A sweet friend of mine put together a little lunch for me in one of my very favorite places ever..
Gruene Tx! 
We shopped a little, had lunch at the GristMill (yummy) and shopped a little can never do too much of that!

One of my favorite little places to visit is a little shop called Rusty Bugs and Roosters. She has such fun little things at reasonable prices but you have to act quick because her things disappear fast!

That phrase on the wall just cracks me up..Ha!

Another favorite shop of mine is Lonestar always smells sooo good in here. 
I had to buy a candle here in hopes it would make my house smell just as yummy!

So stinkin cute!

I love her!

Great friends and great conversation. The food was yummy and may or may not have included a LARGE platter of greasy onion rings and a strawberry shortcake with ice calories on birthdays!

I love these girls from the bottom of my heart and appreciate them helping to make my day extra special!

Hubby is having family over and cooking for me on Sunday..Love him!
Who says you shouldn't have a birthday week..It only rolls around once a year, why not stretch it out?
Love ya girlies!

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  1. Hey Tiff! Happy Birthday week to you!Looks like you're having a blast. Sweet friends, I know! Thanks for being my Round Top inspiration. Who would have known...