May 11, 2011

Dressing up a Lamp Shade

I saw these cute little fabric flowers over at jones design company (go check out her blog) and thought I would make some of my own to dress up some boring lampshades. 

Start with some fabric and your template (which you can find on her website)
You could make your own..I'm not very good at that..

Cut out 4 of the larger petals and 3 of the smaller petals
Gather them in the middle by sewing a stitch through them by hand 
I used a needle, ran a stitch through the middle and wrapped the thread around 1 time..easy!

Layer them from all large to all small (sorry no picture) 
I had buttons so I sewed a button on in the center 
You can make one stitch through and hot glue a brooch or pearl on for more bling!

I used a linen fabric and some natural buttons I had cost..nadda!!

I found this grapevine birdcage and added a flower to will be for sale in my upcoming home show!

I hope your day is beautiful and you are inspired!!
Go check out jones design ideas!

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  1. Love your sweet flowers! Thank you for sharing!