October 3, 2011

A Whirlwind Week

Whew!! My goodness it was a whilrwind week. My sis in law was here and we shopped till we dropped and then shopped some more. I think we covered the PB outlet, TJ Maxx and our favorite antique store at least twice this week. I ate out more times than I would like to admit and laughed and cried more than I have in awhile. She headed back to Tennessee yesterday morning and now I have so much to get caught up on!

We had a couple birthday celebrations this week(end). My brother in law and my youngest celebrated another year!
We had a great laugh at a local restaurant when the waiters brought out sombrero's for the guys to wear and of course I had to snap a picture. 

Ohh good times!!

I had a birthday celebration for my son at the house with family and friends. His newest love is golf and so his sister and I put together some cupcakes to celebrate his special day. 

I started with some skewers (I had them) cut down to make the poles for the flags.

Then I made some flags using yellow construction paper and glued them to the sticks. 

Made some chocolate cupcakes, iced with green icing (tinted) added some darker green sprinkles for the rough, and a small chocolate ball for the golf ball and voila!!

He loved them!! 
The best part was spending some time in the kitchen with my girl!!

Gosh, I look so white (note to self, a little lipstick next time)
It was a wonderful week! Don't you love my girls apron?? We found it at our favorite little cottage antique store and I can't wait to show you some pics of her darling store. She is a fellow blogger and I want to help get her name out there..more to come...

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy who turns 14 today! My time flies doesn't it?!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!
Can't wait to share a pic of something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I finally took the plunge... 
Thanks for stopping in, you all mean so much to me!

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