February 27, 2011

Friday Finds

Wow!! The days here have been so beautiful I actually had to turn on the air conditioner today. Just gorgeous spring days!! Every Friday I try to hit the local thrift store to see if there are any deals to be had. I found a few to share with you this week...

                  I found this basket tray for 50 cents. The rest of the goodies are mine..just 
wanted to show you how I used it in the kitchen

These glass jars were a steal at 25 cents each and are heavy! 
Perfect for qtips and cotton balls..which I need to buy..

 Two white drapery rod sets!! 50 cents each!!
I think these will look so cute on the wall in a craft room holding
wrapping paper

 4 ironstone plates 10 cents each people!!
1 white bowl..I collect this simple pattern when I see them.. 25 cents!

 Two number fives..I'm sure you can see their price
I have a little something for numbers..I know its kinda weird!!

This is about 1-2 yards of burlap..A steal at 1.00! Don't have any plans for
it yet but you can never have too much burlap lying around..right??

GRAND TOTAL= $3.85 (are you kidding me..crazy!)

Hubby is home this week and we are going to try and get some things done outside
since the weather is so beautiful! I am planning on dressing up my back porch this Spring
painting and moving things around. A dear friend of mine let me know she was getting rid
of a lot of quarts of paint that were nearly full and I ran over to grab them for some fun
Spring projects!

I hope you have a beautiful week and get a chance to get out in the sun! If its still 
cold where you are...don't worry it's coming!!


  1. Wow! I love all your finds. And those prices are crazy. Good job!

  2. Tiff, you're the most creative frugal shopper I've ever known! Simply amazing. I have yet to get beds for my girls...ugggh. Still need to do their rooms. Too many things going on. I'll be in touch!