February 17, 2011

The Picture Find

Well if you read my last post about my tote I hinted about a very
neat picture I found at the thrift store. 
I was actually drawn to the frame and had ideas of making it into a chalkboard
or just buying a piece of glass for a large family picture. I painted the frame a creamy
white and started to paint over the canvas with a chalkboard paint. You can do
that right?? Anyway..hubby said why don't you pull up that artists name
at the bottom corner for fun and see if it's anyone special. 
I googled L.W. Prentice and was surprised to find out he is a well known
artist in upstate New York. He was born in 1858 and died in 1935 so that makes his
most popular work around 100 years old. Wow!! 
He mostly did still life paintings and landscape and most of his pieces sell at auctions in
the range of $8.000 to 50,000!! What??
I am sure it is not an original and is either a oil on canvas or a print on canvas but I
do know it is old! 
It even smells old..Weird I know..

So what to do with it?? Is it worth anything? Do I just have a really neat story of 
a $2.00 picture from some famous artist in New York? 
I am assuming he was well known because his art sold at Christie's and Sothebys in
New York. 
I am checking into it and in the meantime I have a really nice picture (remember I
wasn't drawn to the picture) with a new creamy frame!

I love finding fun things..I guess if you thrift shop enough you are
bound to stumble upon something fun once in awhile.

Have you ever found anything fun or interesting on your thrifting trips?? 
I would love to hear from you if you have.

Have a happy day girls!!

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