February 2, 2011

Making a Basket Liner

Wow...it is cold here in Texas!! 
What's a girl to do when this crazy weather keeps you inside.??..well make something of course!

I have had this metal basket for years and it has held everything from magazines to firewood.
  I thought it would look so much cuter with a cute liner to go in it.
The only way I was ever going to get one to fit was to make it myself.

A few days ago I found a blog that inspired me to make my own!
No..I do not normally sew but I thought I would give it a try. I had all the materials on hand so this
project was FREE!! If I messed it up..no big deal! 
This is my best attempt at a tutorial...

Using my metal basket as a guide I rolled it across the fabric to get
an idea of how much fabric I would need

I cut a circle for the bottom a little larger so that I have room to cut and sew

These are my cut pieces

I sewed the ends together on the long piece (sorry no pic)
This is the bottom pinned to the long piece..That line is where I traced it on the basket
I used that as my line for sewing

Ta-dah..Fits perfect
But missing something...

Of course...a number 5. I made a stencil on my computer and cut it out
I used  black craft paint and a makeup sponge to gently fill in the 5

Remove the paper and voila..here she is!

I love how she turned out!!

What things keep you busy when the weather is COLD outside?
Stay warm my friends and hope your weekend finds you busy with some projects!!

I love to hear from you and read every comment..thanks for stopping by


  1. Tiffany, are you kidding me?!?! I just spent the last 45 minutes reading every single one of your posts from where I left off in November. You're SO incredibly talented and I'm SO proud of you! So inspiring and fun to read! I look forward to making the coffee liner wreath one day. Hope you're well, sweet girl! Love you. xxx

  2. The liner looks beautiful. I love it. Thanks so much for linking to my party. Don't forget to grab my party button and post it either in your sidebar or at the end of the post. Also, don't forget to come and follow me. I am now following you.

  3. Tiff, this looks great! Another fab project from you! Love what you do.
    Hey, would you mind deleting our OLD blog and adding our new one to your blog roll? :)

  4. SUPER!DUPER!CUTE! It looks like your sewing is coming right along. It makes a mother feel good to think that maybe you got some of her talent. I so PROUD!!!!