February 4, 2011

Trash to Treasure (The Chair)

So... do you dumpster dive??
No... me either but I do check out peoples trash on trash day to see
if they are getting rid of anything good. 
Turns out.. this was gonna be a good trash day!

While taking the boys to school I saw this red chair sitting
by my neighbors trash can. I did notice it had some pretty legs so
I decided to stop on my way back and take a better look at her.

Low and behold she was a beauty, just waiting for someone (me) to take
her home and make her over!
I pulled up, threw her in the back of my car and drove away.
I am sure if any of my neighbors saw me doing this they would
think I was a little crazy!! They would be right!!!

She was dirty, the cushion was in good shape but the fabric 
had been faded for years. 
Other than that she was ready for a transformation.

School was cancelled today for a SNOW DAY (in Texas)!!
Perfect day to stay inside and work on my new chair!

I am in looooooove with the way she turned out and can't believe
someone didn't pick her up sooner. Glad they didn't!
Here she is....



I used a Behr (Heavy Cream) All in One Paint and distressed
her with a dry brushing of tobacco glaze after she was dry. I
Covered the cushion in a soft burlap fabric I found at the
thrift store for $1.00 awhile back. All i needed to do was screw the cushion to the seat and it was done.
Loving it!
The best part is..she didn't cost my a dime...I love free!!!
Stay warm my friends..

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  1. coolest junk find ever! way to go!

  2. What an incredible find! I wish I could be that lucky. I love what you did with it. Awesome job!


  3. I can not believe you found that in the trash!!!!!What a treasure, it looks GREAT!!

  4. wow...definitely a trash to treasure! great new look too.


  5. Wow, what a great find. I don't think I could have passed up thi beauty if I saw it on the side of the road. Heck, I probably would have throughly embarrased my daughter and immediatly stopped and picked up with her in the car!

  6. Thank you Judi and June..I have made one of my sons pick stuff up and they look at me like I am crazy..but the payoff is great! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Loving your transformation!! I have 2 chairs like this that are in our house we are trying to sell and I am going to have to get them up here so I can transform them to beautiful like you did!

    bee blessed

  8. Wow, fantastic find and great job on the renovation. Since our garbage company charges $50 for anything that doesn't fit in the can, we don't have a lot of roadside finds.

  9. You can't get a better bargain than free. I love the white and burlap together and throwing that extra pillow on makes it look perfect. This chair already had a great shape and you gave it a brand new life.

  10. Beautiful chair! The white was a great choice!

  11. Wonderful job...beautiful chair

  12. 1. Absolutely fantastic re-do!!!! The chair is gorgeous/the pillow, too.

    It's oh so lovely and French and timeless!!!!

    2. I love Jesus too!!!!!


  13. Holy Cow!! That is a fantastic tranformation...and the free price tag makes it even more impressive! :)

  14. Much better!
    Dropping by from Met Mon. Hope you'll come see my youngest daughter's dining room redo.


  15. What a fab find -looks great-love this chair-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit-Claire

  16. What a great find. I love roadside freebies.

  17. Wow...so cute! You muct love it!

  18. Hi lovely lady. I love you Great freebies!!! You did a Beautiful Job sweet lady !!! Im your newest follower on your blog. I hope you will come join my Tablescape for Valentine's Day I just put on. I hope you and your family have a Great Day and keep warm. xxoo

  19. Great job! I love the white and tan together. And what a great pillow.

  20. Love it!(found you from Thrifty Chick). I (think) just saw a chair remake just like yours on Apartment Therapy, but of course can't find the article. Now will look at these chairs a little different now I know how nicely you can do them up. Thanks

  21. Yes, I dumpster dive!
    I love your transformations. I do a little " creative recycling " on my blog too!
    Stop by sometime... I'm your newest follower!

  22. Wow! It looks terrific! The pillow adds a lot of style to it too!

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