April 20, 2011

First Fruits and Sermon Notes

Hello my friends!
Wow, it has been hot here for the past couple of days and it's only April..not a good sign!
One of the best things about all this heat is that my garden is loving it!
I picked my first fruits (vegetables actually) this week.

There are more to be had..It looks like I will have an abundance of squash this year.

Are you a note taker?? I am. I usually fumble for paper during church and try to catch as many scripture verses and notes as I can and then stash them in my Bible for later reference. A friend of mine uses a three ring binder for all her notes and I decided it was time to have somewhere I could keep them all together and take them with me.
I didn't want to spend any money so I went digging for something to make work.
I found this composition book and knew with a little creativity it would make the perfect place to store my nuggets of wisdom.

Compostion book, scrapbook paper, old hymnal music, stickers and modge podge
Sorry I did not take pics of the steps.
Use the book as your template and trace it out on the scrapbook paper. Modge Podge it to the book and embellish with stickers and sheet music. It's that simple!

I can keep all my notes in one place and don't have to worry about them falling out of my Bible. 
I take about two pages of notes every Sunday. Soaking up God's Word every week!

As we enter the Easter weekend I pray that you remember it's not about the bunnies and the eggs but about Christ's love for us and his promise to his children. That as believers we have HOPE because of HIS RESURRECTION and FAITH in his return!
And that my friends, is greater than any chocolate rabbit I have ever had!

Have a Blessed Weekend!
I love you all!

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