April 18, 2011

Small Spaces..Part Two

Back to back posts.. I know, I'm crazy like that!
Today as I was cleaning up, I grabbed the box that I had found on a recent junking trip..do you remember which one??
Yes..this one..

I yelled to hubby " I have an idea"...not sure he's crazy about that comment yet!
Anywho....long story short... my idea WORKED!!

I decided the hall tree needed a little shelf!

Isn't she prettier?
You can check out the before in my previous post!
There was no cutting involved in this project, the box fit perfectly..like it was meant to be!!
I love when that happens!
I DID have to paint it though..
I hope you are inspired to think outside of the box this week...Ha..get it??

I have joined the party over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!


  1. I love the hall tree. The box made it perfect. Great idea you had!!!

  2. What a Clever Idea for a Hall Stand~ I even checked out the before & Love the added Box, You surpassed the Thinking outside the Box, You Nailed It!

  3. What a great idea!! It adds a bit of "something" doesn't it??? My husband hates when I have ideas....tee hee hee....he'll get over it!!!

  4. So that is a door you added the table and drawer to! That is amazing, what a great idea!!
    Celeste, victoriantailor.com

  5. It's great! I love it w/o the shelf and now it's even cuter! Happy WW