July 20, 2011

Getting Away and Getting Married

Isn't it nice to escape the madness of your everyday routine for some different madness!
My cousins daughter got married this last weekend and we took off to help her celebrate her big day.
My mom, daughter, her fiance and my youngest packed up and headed out for a fun and HOT weekend!
The wedding was beautiful, and did I mention HOT! It was outside in a beautiful courtyard area and surrounded by her friends and family they started their lives together! 
He has joined the military so his basics will begin in a few short weeks and then they will be relocated..I know this will be hard because they are so young and have never been away from home but sometimes that's the best way to start your married life!
Congrats to you Lindsey and Manny!

The guys played golf on Saturday and the girls hung out at the pool..this would normally be a great thing but I got so sunburned (yes I wore sunscreen) but did not reapply...we won't go there...
It hurts people..and in some areas that NEVER see the sun! 
I googled remedies for sunburn and would you believe that vinegar helps to relieve sunburn pain?? Who would have known??
I put it on the other night before going to bed and when hubby came to bed he said it smelled like pickles!!
Ha...we had a good laugh..but it works!!

We had a great weekend and it just brought it home how fast my daughters wedding is coming upon us!
We are well on our way to getting the plans finalized and got a few more things done in the last couple of days..I know it will be here before we know it!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures I snapped, I'm never good at taking pictures when I am away because I am enjoying the moment but in hindsight wish I had taken more..ugh!

Hope your day is beautiful and blessed!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I am so fair, all I ever did was burn and peel. Vinegar really does work. We have even used it for jelly fish stings too.
    Can't wait too see more about the up coming wedding of your daughter.

  2. oh yeah, I know about weddings and such ...
    yours sounds wonderful ...

    in a courtyard no less ...

    I'm honored to be listed on your sidebar!