July 27, 2011

Transforming a Room (or Two)

I had the opportunity to do some work for a very sweet friend of mine today.
This has been a long time coming seeing as though I started this at least a couple months ago.
Life gets in the way sometimes and things come up so it took me a little longer that expected but I can say with a big sigh..IT'S DONE!!
I had so much fun transforming her spaces into something warm and inviting for her whole family.
Thanks for the opportunity my sweet friend and I wish you nothing but sweet memories in your new spaces!

Let's take a look at where we began...

And let's check it out after..
I had much better lighting later in the day

Next room..I called this the reading room

After.. (yes, this is the same room)

A mantel


Kitchen Before.. These cabinets were a standard brown builder cabinet we had them painted a creamy white instead, it really brightened up this kitchen!


Living Room
Before.. (This is the only pic I have)


I know that was a ton of pictures and if your still with me..thanks! This was truly a labor of love but definately worth every minute! 
Going to grab me a shower..I'm pooped!!

Happy Decorating my Friends!


  1. What a great transformation. I see that we are using the same rug in the living rooms of our clients homes...great minds you know. Isn't it so much fun helping others make their homes lovely. Take Care,Carrie

  2. You do beautiful work! I wish you'd come work on my family room ;-)

  3. Tiff, just love your style! This looks great.

  4. Thank you girls for all the sweet comments!