July 12, 2011

Revamp a Lamp..Pottery Barn Style

Wow..it's been one of those crazy weird weeks for me, please tell me you have these occassionally too?? 
Not long after my last post we got a call from our realtor letting us know that we were receiving an offer on our home..yippee!! It wasn't a bad offer but we felt it could have been a little better.  We slept on it and called our realtor the next morning and just as she was going to present our counter offer they called to say they had changed their minds and decided on a new construction home..ugh!!
So here we are back at the drawing board waiting for our next prospective buyer. We know this was no surprise to the Lord and wait for his perfect will and timing!

I had a chance to check out our local thrift store over the weekend and found this glass lamp.
How many times have you seen these at Goodwill and passed them by??
Well for $3 I could not..

I started by taking the lamp apart and taping up the areas that I did not want to get paint on
I used RustOleum Primer and the beloved Heirloom White

Yes, that is the PB catalog underneath the lamp..love!

This was the most tedious part...

Now for a shade...While shopping for a client at my favorite store (PB Outlet) I found the perfect lampshade for this jewel in the rough

Don't you love it?!!
It was only $19.97

Here she is all put together..

Doesn't it have a cottage or beachy look..

I think it would look cute with some shells, moss or book pages inside the glass..
Well what do you think..not bad for $27!
I love to hear from you, leave me a comment!!

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  1. Great makeover. I love the shade.

  2. Nice job! I'll need to visit my local Goodwill...

  3. great job it looks really nice love my goodwill store never know what we will find

  4. It can be stressful waiting for a buyer but at least your currently in good time frame where people really want to buy. I know for one of my families homes that they actually had a bidding war. That may happen with you.