July 1, 2011

New Chairs

One of the perks about shopping for clients is that you can sometimes find some really great deals when you aren't looking for them. On a recent trip out I stopped by a local discount store and found two fabulous chairs that I fell in LOVE with immediately!
I have seen chairs very similiar to these in Restoration Hardware but the price tag was way out of my budget!

When I spotted the price on these I had the man carry them to the front and load them up for me! Yippee!!

They are a light linen color and the wood grain is identical to the RH chair!

I originally purchased them to go at the ends of my dining room table but thought they might end up very dirty. For now they look great at the ends of this old drop leaf table behind my couch.

I love how feminine and sophisticated they look!

In other news, I have been super busy around here working and dealing with the everyday life stuff that comes along. Our oldest son broke his leg in a weird accident at camp. After a long day working I made a 4 hour drive (roundtrip) to pick him up and bring him back. I was pooped! He is doing fine! He turns 17 today and wanted to go back for his birthday so off we sent him in a HUGE boot and crutches. I know "mom of the year"! haha
We had our first showing a couple of days ago and received great feedback! We are praying they make an offer soon and trusting the Lord for that decision.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

See ya soon..I have almost finished the childs armoire..hunting for a basket that fits!


  1. Just found your darling blog! I love your sunflowers on your logo and I love Jesus too! Yay! Thriftsisters! Hugs and Tweets! Debbie

  2. Wonderful chairs!! I don't blame you for bring them home.

    Hope your son's leg heals well.

  3. Love it! You did a fantastic job. I never would have looked twice at that chair, now after seeing what it can look like I feel like I have to have one. Mary S. Hernandez