August 3, 2011


About 3 months ago the Lord placed it on our hearts to be better stewards of what he was giving us.
We have lived a debt free life for years but knew it was time to downsize our home. With our daughter getting married in the spring and a son who is entering his senior year, the timing just seemed right.
We put it on the market in May and this past weekend signed papers for a buyer!! Ya Hoo!!!
We have spent much time in prayer over this asking for his will be done and for a place to stay vacant so that we could move right in instead of renting something.
My God also delivered that! 

I ask for your prayers as we go through the inspection and the appraisal and tie up any loose ends that may try to come unraveled! 
We are anxious to start this new journey and look forward to what the Lord has in store for our family! 

On Sunday our sermon at church was in the book of Luke. If your not familiar with it it's on making disciples. We are called as Christians to be disciples! What does that look means commiting yourself completely to him. It's a takeover, not a makeover! Means giving up what is sometimes comfortable for you (relationships, family, friends) Luke 14:26, its an extreme comparison to love one more than the other. 
It touched me to the core people!!
And what does he promise in return...Luke 29-30..Blessings!!!
Is it easy?? No, but Christ never had it easy!!
This past year the Lord has been working on our family and we have had to make several hard changes in our lives. I would not change one of them! I know that by following him completely he will pour out more blessings than we can handle and I am so thankful for his gracious undeserved invitation!

I look forward to our new home with anticipation on decorating and hope you will follow along as I get a chance to transform rooms again!! How exciting is that??!!

Have a blessed day!!

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  1. Congratulations on the sale of your house. Our lord is so awesome. I have really been thinking of the same things I being a good steward of the gifts God has given me. It's really hard, but I know he will guide us in the right direction...just like he has with you. Good Luck with everything-Carrie