October 24, 2010

A Girls Weekend...WOMEN OF FAITH

Girlfriends are the best!!

Dinner on the Riverwalk..yummy!!

Love them!!

Don't ask??

Ladies of Grace..such beautiful women!

She makes me laugh!!!

One of the Roomies!!

Celebrating the Lord!
Wow..what a weekend!! I feel so refreshed, spiritually that is! Anytime I go away for a weekend with the girls it seems we do anything but sleep..I know I am not alone on this..girls?? We laughed (alot), cried together, danced, ate some great mexican food and were fed the Word of God from some fabulous women!! If you have never been to a Women of Faith event, I highly recommend you go with some girlfriends, daughters, your mom whoever you can pull along. I love every single lady that went and will always remember our weekend together as sisters in Christ and as Women of Faith. Thanks for a great time!!


  1. i'm so glad to see that you had such a fabulous time!

  2. Three cheers for a hotel room of girlfriends!

  3. Thanks girls..so nice to have girlfriend time!!