October 11, 2010

Tennessee...Part One

Hello beautiful home!! I spent 5 day in Tennessee and it was loads of fun!!

My mother-in-love

At the end of the week I was pooped! This was my favorite spot on the porch!

Hello front porch..I hear you calling my name..please come home with me..

The barn. They have 5 beautiful horses and their accomodations aren't too shabby!

The back porch.Isn't there something about hearing a screen door that makes you feel at home?? Is that weird??

My little home away from home..isn't she cute??

View from my guest house every morning..again look at those trees!

My sister in love..she was crawling under the house to feed this little kitten that had made a home there!

From the front porch having coffee I got to look at this every morning..took my breath away!

My mother in love..I never think of her as an inlaw..she is super special to me!

I felt like I belonged here the whole time I was in this house!


Front porch..As soon as I got there I told her we had to add some pumpkins and I found that cute wreath in her shed, what??  In the shed!! I dug that baby out and added some ribbon and hung it up. I added the plants, rugs and moved the furniture and pillows to make it more welcoming! Hello Fall!!

The view from the guesthouse where I stayed! Look at those fabulous trees!

I had such a wonderful time with my sister in law and my mother in law. We both cried so much at the airport when it was time to leave. I love you mucho Racee and thank you for the hospitality and for the opportunity to transform some of your spaces..it was loads of FUN!! Yes, I said transform some spaces. I believe I did a total of 7 rooms or porches while I was there! I worked really hard and we shopped till we dropped but had a wonderful time. I will show you some of these spaces in the next post..so stay tuned...have you traveled to Tennessee? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. How fun to read you thoughts, and see your transformations! Thanks for sharing. I have been to TN many, many times. Do you remember I lived in Georgia with John for a year? Anyway, that part of the country is absolutely beautiful. I remember many Sunday afternoons that John and I would just drive for miles. The trees are amazing! I also remember being blown away by the beauty the first visit I made to see him. My gosh, I was a junior in high school! Such wonderful memories of Georgia and Tennessee. Again, thanks for sharing. Love you! xo