October 15, 2010

Tennessee..Part Two..Room Redos

These pics do not do these cabinets justice! They were the color of the pic. below! What a difference a little paint makes!!

 Isn't this a beauty?? Ugh.. It was so many shades of red, black, brown..etc. Where do you begin?? Look at those floors by the way...This was a guest house at my sister in laws that needed a little (lot)  freshening up.

I worked really hard  (once 13 hours in a day) to give this whole place a makeover! It was worth it and she was so excited to see the transformation.

I only have a few befores..I know I'm so bad at that part, but if I can retrieve them from my emails I will get them on here. I'm still learning, so take it easy!!

We visited every TJ Maxx (did I mention I love this store) in the greater Tennessee and Georgia area looking for a few things to freshen up the space. There was nothing big enough to cover that floor but we did try...

U-G-L-Y!! This is what the before cabinets looked like over the sink!! The bad red color!!

The mess before..Are the red floors screaming at you yet??  The walls were lemon yellow before..What?? I mean I could see how that goes with that floor...????

I was trying to add some pillows and a throw to make it look better..my mind was already going..

Hello beautiful white creamy cabinets and refurbished white cart!!

A little eating nook..We got the chairs and table at a cute little place in Georgia called Meanders! Fun vintage finds. I wanted to load up my car at this place. I actually did get a bench and it will be coming soon!

These walls were empty and we used a ugly table behind the sofa for some height and I covered the tile top (not pretty) with some pretty shams that matched the throw..why not shams as table toppers?? See that wooden box...when they sell the house it's coming to live with me!!

I actually love the color of this room, a pale green. Her husband thought we bought that black cabinet and we told him we moved it from the guesthouse on the tractor loader and he said he had never seen it before. Repurposing!!! Love that word!! The little red bench we picked up at Meanders also.

We fixed up this little entrance with a small table to catch keys and welcome guests!! There was nothing here before and now it says..Come On In!!

Gosh..do I look tired or what?? The mantle and table in front of me got a little makeover too!

A little reading nook in this room with a throw on the wall. I hung it from a curtain rod I found hiding in the closet. This room only had a bed before and was screaming for some attention. That rug on the floor..$14.00 at a thrift store in Georgia. Just like new and covered some bad floors also!

A guest room in the guest house! Layers of bedding and quilts! Yummy! Can bedding be yummy??

I had a blast fixing this place up. We tried to use things she already had and purchased a few new things. I enjoyed my morning coffee and our talks and will always remember this fun week! I can't wait for it to sell and move her back to Texas so we can do it again!! Thanks for the opportunity!  


  1. it looks like those long days and hard work really paid off! What a transformation!

  2. Love your site and your transformations! What a neat blog.

  3. Amazing what a little paint and hard work will do, this looks Fantastic and you do looked a little tired, but what a transformation. Good JOB!!

  4. Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog!!! I've read every update. I'm so impressed and proud of you. xx