November 15, 2010

The Barn Show

Wow, that was a fun and exciting weekend! I met so many fun new people and even a couple new bloggers. It was so busy on Saturday morning and a little chilly..brrr! I had a great spot all cozied up in the corner of the barn so I missed the rain and wind that decided to make an appearance the night before.

I had a chance to take a few pics of my booth before the sale started but after the doors opened it got a little busy! I wish I had taken a few more but there was a professional photographer there snapping photos so when I get some other pics I will post them.

I did really well as a vendor this year and did not bring too many things home. Yeah!!! I have reserved my space for next year and look forward to meeting more new people and preparing for some new things. Thanks to Suzanne and Tracy for all your hard work! It really paid off and it showed!! 

Put it on your calendar for next year, always the 2nd Saturday in November and plan a day with the girls!



  1. Great pictures!!! Glad you did so well, may be there next year unless we go to STATE again and then I'll have to excuse myself.

  2. Oma will have to "excuse herself"?? hahaha she's so funny! I will have to excuse myself too, but hopefully that's not the case :) Pics look good momma, your so talented!