November 11, 2010

Deals for the Day

Brown tights for my new dress..only 1.99!

Half off...score!! 1.74 ea.

Yankee Candles for 1.74. What?? Of course I got white, great for Christmas!

Half off 6.50!!

Isn't she pretty!! This thing is heavy! 6.50!!

I thought this tree was cute, it needs a little glue at the top but for 5.00!! I know the original was 29.99! Crazy!!

Run people don't walk over to Tuesday morning starting today (Thursday thru Saturday) for 50% off of all the already clearance prices. Yes, you take 50 % off of the lowest yellow ticket. They have some great gift ideas, sheets, pictures, etc. Here is what I found today for a grand total of $20.00 and some change.


  1. OMG....which Tuesday Morning are you going to~!??!?! Loved meeting you at my FIRST Barn Sale. I LOVED it!

    I am blessed.....Susan (and Tyra) from Houston!!!

  2. I was at the one in Seguin but they all had the sale!
    Glad to meet you too!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!