November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving..A Change

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends! I, like everyone else, probably ate too much. I am looking forward to the leftovers today..anybody with me?

My Thanksgiving this year took a little turn and at the last minute (literally the day before) I was going to be hosting in my home! My grandmother had to go into the hospital and my mom left to be with her. Honestly, we were worried that it wasn't going to turn out well, but God is good people! We started praying for her and her sudden surgery and she came through it great! The doctor released her the very next afternoon (i know) and she was able to be with her all children and some other family for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Praise you Lord!

I missed my momma being here and hosting and cooking but God wanted her to be with her mom this Thanksgiving! He always knows doesn't he, and continues to amaze me with his provision and his timing!

I am so thankful every day and every year for the many blessings that he bestows on my family but this year I am so ever thankful that my grandma got to be with her family this year.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (not really):

All the food turned out great and my inlaws joined US for a change this year. My brother in law and sister in law were not able to get here so we invited them for one big Thanksgiving..why not were doing "change" this year!! I love them so much and was so thankful to have them at our table giving thanks.

And lastly I am so thankful for you my friends and for all the blessings you bring to my life sometimes even in the midst of "change"!

Last minute set up for a Thanksgiving meal

My daughter with her fiance, my dad, my sis in law and niece

My hubby and me (yes I have the tree up already)

I think I may go out this afternoon and brave this crazy shopping day..anybody with me??


  1. i totally braved the crazy shopping it was fun! I'm sure glad that things turned out well with your grandma!

  2. Crazy girl you..I went out later in the afternoon after things settled down. Hope you got some great deals and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!