January 14, 2011

A Cowboy in the Makin'

It has been one of those weeks..the kind where it seems like everything is going wrong at once! Weeks like that just wear me out..ugh! 
Today was a better day, even though the weather here is rainy and cold I got a chance to work on a really CUTE COWBOY themed room! I don't get a chance to do many kids rooms anymore since my three are in the teen and 20 year range so I jumped at the chance to make this little buckaroos room feel like something out of the WILD WEST! 

I just love sock monkeys!

The colors are so pretty in here..sorry the pic. doesn't do it justice

A place for books for story time..

All the bedding, wall decor, table and lamp and some buckets for toys (sorry didn't get a pic)

I hope you enjoy your new COWBOY room Luke!

I hope you all have a wonderful and warm weekend. It's cold here..even for the south! Brrr....

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