January 20, 2011

Trash and a CriCut

Well it has been a busy week over here but it's almost Friday..yeah!! 

Last night I was taking one of my boys to youth and I spotted a cute little treasure out by someones trash...isn't  it amazing what people will throw away? Oh well you know what they say.."One man's trash....well you know the saying.
Anywho, I told myself if it was there on my way back I was going to pick it up and throw it in the car before anyone saw me..It was there and I made my son load it up.
I know you think I'm crazy..who doesn't?

I am hoping to make something kinda fun with it as soon as the weather gets a little warmer..it's cold here in Texas! 

I am thinking for a childs room or maybe a fun idea for a mud room..who knows?? I want to remove the legs and paint the wood..
Any ideas?? Hmm..

I forgot to tell you I got a Cricut for Christmas (say that 10 times fast)! This little machine is fun and I am still trying to figure out all her features and I am already looking at different cartridges for fun projects. I can tell this could get expensive! Fun stuff!

 Tomorrow I will be moving furniture and displaying pretties and I can't wait to share some pics with you! 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and leave a comment, I love hearing from you!!
Hoping your weekend is warm and pretty!!

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