January 6, 2011

Letting Go

"Letting go"..at first when I look at these two words together they stir up emotions in me that are hard to digest. Trying to find some rhyme or reason to why we must do this is not an easy task. Yet we all know at some point this is a part of life. I have seen the phrase "Let Go and Let God" a number or times and thought "wow" is it really that easy? My answer..NO!
I struggle with letting go of control because things feel so chaotic to me. This is hard to admit because its one of my weaknesses but one I am trying to give up this year. Letting go of a friendship, a loved one, our comfort zone, control, these are a few of the ones that scare me to death! I believe that God wants us to let go so that he can do a mighty work in our lives, far more than we ever expected. Besides my control will not change anything.
It's been a hard week this week..No I haven't lost anyone but have had to deal with the "letting go" of something that was important to me. I don't know why, but trust that the Lord will make it right in his time.  Sometimes letting go is a part of life, I realize that, putting it into practice is even harder.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. oh I feel your pain. I wrote a post on this once awhile ago. I think God must've really been working hard on me because now it's not so hard to let go anymore. It will get easier.

  2. Letting go of control is the hardest for me because it's a choice--the only choice that brings any peace. It's hard!

  3. So nice we are in this journey together. It is hard sometimes but I guess that's why he gives us Grace :) You have such a beautiful family! You look too young to have kids that age. please share your secrets..I have a 21,18,and 10 year old whewww...Where does the time go?